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To those who loved the game, post your minor gripes.

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  3. To those who loved the game, post your minor gripes.

User Info: DanKiller7

4 years ago#1
Mine has to be fall damage. I can jump off a skyline going full speed, jump off and hit the ground and nothing. I can jump off a small roof not from a skyline and take fall damage.
The hook is magnetized to the skyline but when you get off of it you're not protected from the fall.

This is not a topic for trolls so please, if you hate the game you don't have to post here.
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User Info: pkmnpkmn

4 years ago#2
Let me carry 3 weapons plz

Heater only gets one shot/load.
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User Info: pothocket

4 years ago#3
Gameplay could use more polish. Stuff like never running out lockpicks makes me wonder how they balanced this game.

It's also annoying having only one resource to upgrade both sides of the combat mechanics.
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User Info: m16ninja

4 years ago#4
I would have liked to seen the ground below a few times. Just a short break in the clouds and there is Paris underneath. Would have been a nice touch.
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User Info: SmidgeIsntBack

4 years ago#5
Elizabeth is about to hand you some much-needed ammo/health/salt, but then you kill the last guy, the battle ends, and suddenly her pockets are empty. | -DreKerr | -nikko004 using the smudge tool

User Info: Valentino16

4 years ago#6
I was hoping for larger battlefields like the E3 gamelay where there are a ton of enemies and a zeppelin and stuff.

I wish that the Boys of Silence had actually been heavy-hitters, not just security cameras that spawn easy enemies, and that the Handymen had a more Big Daddy-esque role (killing them was essential, they protected something you could use to upgrade gear and survive)
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User Info: KidmanSSP

4 years ago#7
Lack of tying in vigors into gameplay mechanics. You use shock jockey to open a handful of doors and nothing else. Not enough puzzles.

User Info: uwishuwereme17

4 years ago#8
Two gripes 1st no weapon wheel 2nd having to click the right3 to aim down sights.

User Info: Code_Geass_CC

4 years ago#9
Well usually when I love a game I don't really care about minor gripes so this will be kind of hard.

I think the two weapon limit is a good choice as it means there is strategy in exploring for guns to use in certain spots. I would say more useful vigors, but the vigors are actually very good and very fun to use.

I guess if there was one flaw it would be this one line of dialogue. "Well I wanted a puppy, but that isn't going to happen." What were they thinking lol. Also the last 3rd of the game really really drags on and hits you full on with a gauntlet of enemies.

If there is one solid, pure fact of a flaw in this game it would HAVE to be the final battle though. I died 3x on EASY because I would destroy the airships but enemies would keep respawning for some reason. How I will do this on 1999 mode is beyond me.
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User Info: DewittluvsLiz

4 years ago#10
Save points way to easy (death has no real consequence, especially as whatever damaged occurred during battle still remains when you come back.

Vigors not being used more creatively to defeat certain types of characters (in the end, I used possession more of the game and I beat it)

That being said, great game, or, truly, GREAT STORY EXPERIENCE.
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  3. To those who loved the game, post your minor gripes.

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