To those who loved the game, post your minor gripes.

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User Info: mrbeef523

4 years ago#51
The ending really ruined it for me.

First of all it barely made sense.

Then it basically nullifies all the hardships you went through in the game by basically forcing you to kill yourself.

It's almost like they copied the ending from Singularity and then added a new, horrible twist.
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- more variation in weapon types, or something more unique like Bioshock's ammo types

- I don't care about realism in this sense, let me carry more weapons

- I would've used salts more if they worked off a cooldown/recharge system

- Elizabeth constantly feeding you ammo and health made normal mode way too easy

- I was very upset to find that there were no awesome boss fights like the Big Daddies

- one of the 4 total times I died on normal was when I charged the first turret you come across, only to find that there was no hacking mini-game. I loved hacking/lockpicking.
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User Info: liltagg

4 years ago#53
selfpityingbuff posted...
My only significant gripe was the fact that the Songbird was under-used. I think we should have fought him at regular intervals, there just needed to be more a sense of relentless pursuit.

I completely agree with this, the entire time I was playing I was waiting for Booker to blast him with a fireball or lightning or -something- when he came after us, always frustrated when he just cowered and let it have its way.

I was also disappointed at the distinct lack of handymen battles. I only fought 4, iirc, and they were the only enemies that gave me any kind of trouble throughout the game. Should've been more.

User Info: moniewitch

4 years ago#54
I thought Bioshock 1 was total trash. Sorry it wasn't my cup of tea.

I still don't understand how it got such rave reviews

I have not played Bioshock Infinite yet though but I will eventually or maybe who knows
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User Info: ZAKDUDE

4 years ago#55
Since achievements accumulate, I wish there was a menu where I could track their progress (similar to the way Mass Effect 3 does it). Also a menu that lists all of the voxophone recordings and sightseer spots that's been collected. It'd make it all much easier to track.

User Info: spiritsoftime

4 years ago#56
mrbeef523 posted...
Then it basically nullifies all the hardships you went through in the game by basically forcing you to kill yourself.

I just saw that as Booker earning his happy ending, since now the only Bookers that exist in all universes are ones that never gave Anna up, never let her down, and never ever hurt her.

Only Check Point saves - ALL OF MY HATE!
Legally, it's questionable. Morally, it's disgusting. Personally I like it.

User Info: slaighMaccooper

4 years ago#57
not enough nfo on songbird, handymen, and the brotherhood of silence was pushed to a small part of the game when originally they played a big part

User Info: RedMatador

4 years ago#58
uwishuwereme17 posted...
Two gripes 1st no weapon wheel 2nd having to click the right3 to aim down sights.

You do know you can change the default buttons so you can aim with the triggers right? Look it up on the options menu.

The only thing that I didn't liked about the game was the lack of important choices, I thought they were going to change the game more, make you even regret the choices.
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User Info: waffles3537

4 years ago#59
So anyone that got the songbird edition got a code for a free soundtrack but it was not a complete soundtrack! Sure it had all the in game music but it didn't have all the old school songs you would hear on the radio there was at least 8 more songs from the radio they could have thrown on there also we should of got the seasons pass for free since the songbird edition was $160 but oh well pretty decent set other than that.

User Info: torqueblue

4 years ago#60
Minor huh? well let's see I got quite a few ,BUT I'll list the main one.

Weapon Upgrade Detail. By that I mean when you purchase an upgrade you saw a visual upgrade for it. Like in Bioshock when you upgraded the shotgun you saw gears housed in it and the pistol had that Extended magazine sticking out. That sorta of detail.

Other then that that's really my main gripe.
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  3. To those who loved the game, post your minor gripes.

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