To those who loved the game, post your minor gripes.

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  3. To those who loved the game, post your minor gripes.

User Info: Sylivin1

4 years ago#61
Saw the ending from a mile away. I'm sure anyone who has read any bad sci-fi or watched a single episode of Sliders saw that coming. However, their way of "fixing" the problem was pretty funny. Over all, the game was quite excellent and good fun, but the ending was a bit of a let down.

User Info: Wyrmcraft

4 years ago#62
Vox weapons being damn hard to find on the final stretch of the game (RIP Heater ammo), Booker jumping 70 feet into the air to grab a skyhook, fall damage only when falling normally, and aiming being R3 >_>
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User Info: Robb Stark

Robb Stark
4 years ago#63
Caelestine posted...
For a game about parallel universe, quantum mechanics, multiple endings or a even more open ending would be nice

I thought for a bit that we were going to when there was infinite doors spread out before you. It would of been epic to travel to like 50 or 100 different universes and get completely different endings, it could be pick your own ending style. Still the ending we got was pretty good it would of been cheapened if there was just two different options.

Code_Geass_CC posted...

If there is one solid, pure fact of a flaw in this game it would HAVE to be the final battle though. I died 3x on EASY because I would destroy the airships but enemies would keep respawning for some reason. How I will do this on 1999 mode is beyond me.

Weird, I just beat it on 1999 mode, first try I just sniped everything, I died once jumping out of the final burning Zepplin, I missed the smaller airship and fell to my death. The last Patriot had about 1/4 health when it killed the ship. Second try through I used possession/sniped and I easily beat it with about 50% of the airship health left. I possessed enemies before I went after the zepplins so they shot each other instead of the air ship.

3starborris posted...
the vigor traps were almost completely useless, they all should have just had an alt fire like undertow.

I bet you had some trouble with Lady Comstock/some of the Handyman fights. You can pre-lay traps for say Lady Comstock and wipe out a good chunk of her health/prevent the adds from ever reaching you. Also you can lay them before the fight and then go find vigours and put more out.

The Save system sucked.
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User Info: Drakillion

4 years ago#64
No NG+

Guns only drop a small amount of ammo. I recall walking over a Machine Gun and yielded me 10 rounds. Sure, but if I swapped it for my current gun, I'd have a full magazine AND about 1 magazine and a half, maybe two. What? Does Booker throw away the rest?

Only two weapons. Having 3 is more than enough in my opinion.

The control layouts. Config 1 has Y as melee and it's very awkward and RB to switch weapons, but Config 2 has vigors as LB and RB as the selection and I like clicking on R3 for ADS.. I got used to it and I still stick with Config A. I think melee is crap anyway unless you have that incendiary gear or the one that possesses them.

They changed the scenarios from the E3 2011 demo :(

Booker doesn't learn a Mystic Arte.
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User Info: shiffty88

4 years ago#65
No proper boss's. Even at the end of the game no final boss, just an annoying endurance wave upon wave

Coffin guy, Patriot, Ghost do not count as boss's
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  3. To those who loved the game, post your minor gripes.

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