My gripes with Infinite thus far

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User Info: MethodicalMaN

4 years ago#31
At first i thought nubs222 was just being obtuse and referring to system shock as "the original" but now I'm not so sure... - Games Quest Blog
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User Info: doug123

4 years ago#32
As far as pure gameplay goes it's the worst of the series, but overall it's easily the best of the series and one of the best fps games since HL2.

User Info: doug123

4 years ago#33
With story, characters, audio, presentation and pacing, in this game is phenomenal. The combat is the only weak point honestly, but I didn't even care because everything else was so well done.

User Info: TheBeastWithin

4 years ago#34
BlueGunstarHero posted...
EvolutionBaby posted...

The unnecessary amount of foreshadowing:
- I won't go into detail, but I will say that the game's foreshadowing ruins a good portion of the ending. If you actually pay attention to all of the game's dialogue (background characters included), if you listen to every voxophone, etc., the game itself basically goes out of its way to throw two major plot points at you on the way to and inside the Hall of Heroes.

Made it further than me; my ending was blown in the first 5 minutes.

Although I don't believe you since that isn't an example of heavy handed foreshadowing due to its lack of context, I have you beat anyway. When I sat down to play this game I was praying that the antagonist wouldn't end up being the protagonist from another dimension since that is such a cliche in multi dimensional stories. They needed to do something creative to have it be a plot twist.
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  3. My gripes with Infinite thus far

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