Game crashing at main menu

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User Info: Doovet179

4 years ago#1
I recently picked up Infinite, having loved the first two games I was pretty excited!

So I took the brand new disc out the box and straight into my 360 and installed it to my HDD. The game asked me to update, so I did. Then everything started going wrong!

The game froze on the brightness config. I rebooted and tried again, got to the main menu, had a quick look at the options, crashes!

I checked the disc over and its immaculate. I tried removing the game from my HDD and reinstalling. Crashes persist. Then I tried it without it installed at all, deleted the game and all its content from my HDD, cleared my cache, managed to select new game, crashes.

I basically can't even start playing the game without it crashing!

Is there anything I can do to fix this???

Many thanks!

User Info: 15643

4 years ago#2
Can you get it exchanged? Surely a new disc will work. You are Shirley, right?
Always have something to look forward to. What I'm looking forward to: GTAV

User Info: sakurayule

4 years ago#3
Yup, there's a fix.

This game freezes for anyone who has a corrupted Gamer Profile.

1) Delete (or move to a usb drive) your Gamer Profile.
2) Restart your Xbox
3) Recover your gamertag from Microsoft (not from your USB drive; make sure that is unplugged if you moved it to one)
4) Try playing the game.

Boom, fixed.

User Info: Doovet179

4 years ago#4
I did exchange the disc for a new one, but it made no difference.


I tried those steps you explained and it works!

Thank you so much!!!

User Info: Doovet179

4 years ago#5
Well it did work...

Now it just crashes in the opening cutscene... :(
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