Need a good strategy for the Command Deck

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User Info: cashrulez

4 years ago#1
I can't seem to pass this stage. The Patriots and rocket soldiers overwhelm me every time. Can anybody offer any advice?

User Info: Need2Ki11

4 years ago#2
Possess the Rocketeers and Patriots. If you have one possessed and there's more, either use Undertow or Bucking Bronco to knock them off the ship.
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User Info: the_rowan

4 years ago#3
Definitely possess Rocketeers. IMO using that ability on Patroits is a waste, though--it lasts about 5 seconds on them. Return to Sender is good against those, or just spam Shock Jockey a few times as you unload into their backside with a Crank Gun. Using the songbird to clear the deck of Patroits is not a waste even though it doesn't look objective-y like the aircraft, but clearing the smaller transports out usually is.
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User Info: rainedown

4 years ago#4
Possess Rocketeers, use Songbird on ships that are firing on you or just coming in, and stay close to the fight. You will undoubtedly lose and have the ship health hit zero if you hang back, if you get into the fight you kill faster and also give them another target to hit besides the ship.

So, Patriots are the main targets for flat damage (if you move to the front of the ship fast you'll probably end up behind them, and do extra damage), Rocketeers are huge for Possession (but any targets besides Patriots are good, as it's basically a kill plus extra target plus extra damage for very little salt), When the main groups are down jump up on the wire and refill, and also look around for random guys.

Songbird should be for the blimps almost entirely, unless you get overwhelmed and two patriots make it to the platform, then it may be worthwhile. You can take down the ships with a few RPG blasts if he's on Cooldown, just don't let the gunships get too much damage going.

User Info: taco

4 years ago#5
Only use Song Bird on the ships main platform and the Zeppelins. Do not use him on barges or gun ships - ignore barges and Shock Jockey the gun on gunships and then shoot them.

Possess rocket men (or any humans) and use song bird to clear patriots off the ship. After clearing patriots with songbird, use the next cool down on a Zeppelin.

Using this method, I cleared 1999 mode with over 80% of the ships hp still remaining.
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User Info: cashrulez

4 years ago#6
I hardly ever use vigors. So I'll need to get used to using them. I was hoping I could hang back with a sniper rifle and Elizabeth could feed me ammo. But this obviously isn't working. Thanks for the tips, guys.
Vigors are a must. If you have Charge with the invincibility upgrade, that will help as you ride the skyline and jump down and take down the soldiers quickly.

Then you can focus on shooting the patriots in the back.
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User Info: cashrulez

4 years ago#8
After several more failed attempts at the Command Deck, I've decided to reload an earlier chapter and practice using my vigors. I haven't upgraded them at all.

User Info: Rpg Addict

Rpg Addict
4 years ago#9
I had a hell of a time with this on Normal my first time though, but my second time though I had little trouble using a full upgraded charge with the Burning Halo gear on just about everything. I did use Possess on the Rocketeers and used Songbird to clear everything from the sky. Upgraded Shotgun and Handcannon to do damage to the Patriots after charging in. Undertow also works well on them.
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User Info: Prophet08

4 years ago#10
use songbird on the huge ships as soon as they turn red. If they're not yet vulnerable use the bird on the firing ships while you take care of the ground. Use the vigor that converts enemies into allies that way you're not alone in the fight.
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