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User Info: JhunHayter

6 years ago#1
We Talk About It Layer By Layer. .

The Graphic. .
Well It's Smoother Than The Last Graw2 For PSP so, it's not so bad. . .

The Gameplay
Now This Is Just The thing that Bug me!?
on graw2 the enemy move like modern recon view.
So we have their blip and their movement will feel like a bit "sketchy" like "delayed" for a few milisecond. .
But at Predator, Holy! It feels like Crappy game from DS! The enemy "delayed" like 1 sec everymove!?

The Control
This One Alo irritating. We need to enter sight mode everytime we want to aim??? The graw2 system is more fluid than this. . .

The AI
They are living bullet bait!

Overall is, it's not a bad game, but it's almost feel like CRAPPY GAME!

Still worth to play if u don't pay for full price..
Sorry For The Bad Language :x Im From Jakarta LoL!

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