Sentinel or Vanguard?

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User Info: JedimasterDavid

6 years ago#1
So I'm almost done with my second playthrough. I've beaten it as an engineer and an infiltrator and I want a more combat focussed character. Sentinel seems like it would be an effective character with tech armor and warp, but I hear vanguards are really fun. I've been given advice on other similar topics to just do both but I need to decide which to do first. Any opinions?
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User Info: Raeng

6 years ago#2
Vanguard has a high learning curve as, especially on Insanity, they have 0 safe offensive options untill they get Heavy Charge. They require extremely smart play untill them.

Sentinels can just burn through the game using tech armor.
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User Info: sexymcpoo

6 years ago#3
My second playthrough is as a sentinel.

It's awesome.
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User Info: JedimasterDavid

6 years ago#4
are sentinels different enough from engineers and infiltrators? They start with pistols and SMGs and I'm kind of sick of it. I also only play on normal so insanity problems don't really apply to me.
I used to regret getting a PS3 over Xbox 360, but not anymore. Not since I heard Mass Effect was coming to PS3.

User Info: orcbuster

6 years ago#5

on veteran and below, adepts and vanguards rule supreme when it comes to fun factor. Singularity and charge are extremely satisfying on those difficulties

User Info: gomexeye

6 years ago#6
I think Sentinels need to get some love, sure they're OP but only later in the game. Cryoblast + Overload + shotgun is one of the best things around.

User Info: Evolution_basic

6 years ago#7
Vanguard. And you don't need heavy charge to be effective, you just need to be careful.

My recommendation is don't try vanguard on Insanity until you have finished the game once and get the XP bonus. I haven't had more fun with a challenge as vanguard on Insanity in a really long long time. Completely worth it.
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User Info: sakuraarts

6 years ago#8
i vote sentinel

i tried vanguard and im just not into a charging attack in these type of games (unless it was more fantasy-sword fighting based), this game was meant for taking cover and shooting
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User Info: Annuvyn

6 years ago#9
I prefer Soldier for a combat oriented role.

Why ?

Has best weapon type selection : Handuns, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifle and Heavy Weapons.

Gets the 3 types of shot : Disruptor, Incendiary and Cryo.

Adrenaline Boost is great for those pinned down moments and Consussive shot takes care of the Barriers etc.

Just a personal preference, why bother with the Vanguard or Sentinel when they are sort of combat/biotic hybrids with a certain flavour ?
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User Info: Ramune

6 years ago#10
Sentinels don't have any kind of combat bonuses, but their defense makes them a walking tank. The vanguard is more of a glass canon.
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