Tear of Asha Question

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User Info: OdinXivraj

6 years ago#1
I was playing a hot seat game only to find that now everyone and their mother gets a Tear of Asha via those stupid moon disk fragments. So is there anyway to simply turn the Tear of Asha off? I mean whats the point if everyone gets it? May as well not use it at all.
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User Info: SonVegeta1031

6 years ago#2

If you're playing multiplayer there are some maps that don't have Tears.

But the only reason I responded to this post was to say, I freaking love Dorkness Rising. Haha great quote in that their signature =p

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Haha such a great movie... okay that was all my nerding out for the day, move along here =p

User Info: Tairneanach

6 years ago#3
Sorry for being off topic, but add one to the count in that signature, Odin.

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