Damn the AI cheats.

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User Info: HotRoastedMeat

5 years ago#1

I have found the trick to winning maps in campaign. Do NOT lose your units, because at the start of a map (In necropolis at least), the AI boss has a stack of units that constantly grows.While he sends out modest/hard/trivial heroes at you to whitle you down.

Once I reach the main enemy, she had like 100+ units more than me in every stack (including champions). All my units practically got blasted off the map in 1 single hit. And i didnt lose much along the way, i revive my stacks at the graveyard... anyway to counter this other than getting stoneskin and reinforcements ? (Cos i play Blood).

I ended up using a trainer...

User Info: Smackpwn

5 years ago#2
play the game on easy untill you get a higher level hero, the game is buggy and the difficulty wasent balanced, the game was obviously rushed

User Info: nukedysfunk

5 years ago#3
I made it through normal as a blood necro specializing in air and dark spells. IIRC the spells that I got the best use from were life drain, chain lighting, and agony. The final blood spell is really good too, but you can't really get it until later.

Sure it was kind of tough, but I don't see how your inability to sail through the campaign makes it imbalanced. Also, if normal is too hard for you then play the game on easy.
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User Info: Bladenyte

5 years ago#4
lol the ai cheats, so your defence was to cheat back? yea, thats going to teach you the skills needed

its all about your hero, what artifacts you have, what skills you have. sure the boss of a mission is going to have a great army, they wouldnt be a boss, otherwise.

but your hero can turn the tides, do they have a single stack of troops that are giving you a ton of trouble? use time slip, that stack is now useless for 3 rounds. or blindness on a ranged unit. or summon an earth elemental next to their ranged units. or pupetmaster on a strong melee unit and turn it against its friends.

even more defensive skills can help, like mass-regen, or mass-heal.

im sure there are skills that a might hero can use that can help out too, but i've had more experience with magic ones so i cant help out much there
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User Info: Holice3

5 years ago#5
The biggest issue I think people have is not getting the "required" skills. Skills like logistics, pathfinding, mentoring, tactics, etc. And that they waste points on magic spells that seem cool but are really useless against most enemies, or they take the bonus points for a particular spell. Things like Ice blast that deal minimal damage on sanctuary maps, instead of taking reinforcements or similar unit boosting abilities. And on top of that, it seems like tears is a far easier path to take with its heal abilities and unit boosts rather than direct damage spells.

Sure you can beat the game with blood going your entirely own build path, but the abilities are not balanced properly and you just hinder yourself.

User Info: valheran

5 years ago#6
On hard Enslavement is the ultimate spell, and life drain used right far outperforms heal and regen, which are, after all, fixed value - same as direct damage spells.

People who go all "I played might / tears, so it's the best" should try other things before lecturing.
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User Info: krazy168

5 years ago#7
Angry Casual Gamer Detected.

User Info: Damien94

5 years ago#8
It seems every race has a tactic to get through all fights without losing a single creature.

For Orcs it's really easy: Reinforce your Harpies and send them slightly ahead of the rest of your troops. They get so many added that the can tank pretty much everything. Then it's just a matter of using ranged attacks and non-retaliation attacks.

For Sanctuary, the key is to reinforce your Kenshi. They are beasts, and they have unlimited reprisals. Reinforce, send to the middle of the field and watch the enemy stacks kill themselves on them. Sometimes ranged will target your Priestesses, but you can just put your heal buff on. Also, if you're Tears, you can use Tidal Wave and the single target "pacify" spell to control ranged stacks.

Haven't played the other races yet, but I can add strategies later.
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User Info: pjoswick

5 years ago#9
I think he is talking about the third stage of the campaign for the Undead. When I first got to her, she had an army that made mine even look small. I wasn't expecting it, because I was wiping the floor with everything up until that point. What I ended up doing was pretty simple. I made sure I had everything on the map under my control and just wandered around killing stuff. A few months later, I was still outnumbered in a few areas, but I had closed the gap with the liches and the spiders thanks to the cemeteries you can control. I concentrated all fire on their spider stack and after it was dead, my spider and lich stack dominated.

User Info: incandescence20

5 years ago#10
I found a trick to beating some of the bosses that new players (which is pretty much all of us) may not have realized.

If you're talking about the undead campaign (mission 3 I think?) where you fight Miranda, yeah I thought the same thing. I'm even playing on easy until I really get to know each faction. I had this juiced up team and control of everything on the map but Miranda's army was way more powerful than mine. I decided to go pick up all the "bonus until next battle" icons I could find and waited a week or two, but she still took me down.

What I found out that some people may want to keep in mind is that Miranda, and a few other bosses I've encountered remain stationary in their single castle. She killed Anastasye (sp?), but it cost her a huge chunk of her army. The next day I just resurrected Ana along with most of my troops, then went right back to Miranda's castle and finished up the rest of her army, which she had attempted to rebuild, but was now much smaller than mine.

tl;dr - Losing your main hero doesn't lose the campaign like in previous installments. You can lose the battle (while taking out a huge chunk of the opponents army), rebuild your army, and go back to finish the job

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