Normal is just too hard

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User Info: ZaruenKosai

5 years ago#21
i dont like ss + rg cuz it takes 2 turns to set up... whereas other combos you can start combat as soon as the combat starts.
There's only one Return, and it's of the Jedi.

User Info: F1_2004

5 years ago#22
You don't need to rush per se, just not waste turns needlessly. You should have at least a couple of secondary heroes to collect resources, scout around, and ferry reinforcements from your towns to your main hero. Your main hero should constantly be attacking and doing something that the others cannot do.

Also avoid losing troops to neutrals. If you're magic, use summon earth elemental at the start. If might, use reinforcements to give your attacking stack a buffer.

User Info: etsony

5 years ago#23
I started with orcs on normal but it bugged on the second level campaign (cus i went tears, so screen froze up), and i couldnt be bothered replaying first map it so I went on in doing sanctuary. I finished that on normal difficulty and i thought it was pretty easy. So i tried hard for necro, got owned, gave up then tried hard on inferno and got owned now I'm now back on normal setting, i think that's about where my skill level is at.

First impression of hard seems to be a massive difference up from normal...i feel creeping in the first few weeks with a low level hero is extremely difficult to go zero losses on especially with such a small arsenal of abilities, and that leads to the latter weeks where my army is a bit less then what it could be and it makes quite a big difference.

Are there any tips for hard difficulty? I think i've developed a bad habit when i play game (such as rpgs) where I always search each and every last nook at cranny before i move on, and i do the same for this game. Its super hard for me to walk past a stack of neutrals without me attacking it so i feel I'm not getting through the map fast enough (and it kills me inside when there is multiple paths to go and my main hero can only choose one).

User Info: silentbobus

5 years ago#24
When I first started playing, during the tutorial it did seem harder than the previous HOMMs, but at this point the only way I am getting losses on Normal is if the hero I am fighting runs away before I can properly heal. The earth elemental summon owns everything. A stack of creatures you can summon out of nowehere, gets a free petrify and you can place anywhere you want. Easy to Medium sized armies don't even make it through the first elemental stack.

I might have to try hard on the next campaign, the aspects of HOMM VI that I still find difficult aren't combat related, they are the opposing heroes running around like crazy and forcing me to bring my main hero that has 95%+ of my troups back to deal with them.

User Info: countofhell4321

5 years ago#25

I've started this on hard, me too im on haven campaign. The last boss is left only. It says : " deadly " Well he is still beatable.

My hero knows tactics, so i can arrange my whole army be4 the battle starts, i love this stuff from Homm3, the 2nd, he knows some ice spell. With that i can take out the enemies ranged units.

U need to save often, if some battles do too bad and u loose too much troops, u can reload the game and start the battle over again, or there is the option that u can replay the battle.

Be4 every battle visit all the spots they gives u some boost into battle.

And don't explore everything, u need 2 pick up as many artifacts as u can, they boost your hero and your army. If u discover chests, never pick the gold, but XP. The hero must be at highest level as possible to make your advantage 4 your troops.

Allways put the most army into every slot, as u can. Never let any troop in garrison, cuz in early game the enemy never attacks you so often.

User Info: destroyah22

5 years ago#26
i dont know i'm in the necro campaign in the dream world and i'm getting my as handed to me, i only have 50 archers and 50 melee i have 10 ghosts and i can't seem to win on normal. i get to the last battle and get destroyed it's horrible any suggestions? i don't have the summon elemental and i am level ten.

User Info: Emoge

5 years ago#27
On that level in necro campaign you have to do the sidequests. They give you additional troops including the Tier 3 unit!

Trick is using your racial to rez your units before combat ends. I think on that mission on normal I didn't lose a single unit until the final battle where I just go willy nilly anyways and not care about heals (ie: Charging forward with ghosts instead of healing)
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