Hero Builds.

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User Info: Gotenks-ss3

5 years ago#1
Anyone know where i can find a list of "builds" for each Hero type for each Faction? i.e. what is best for an Ebon Knight etc?
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User Info: cztoh

5 years ago#2
You can preview the Blood or Tear types under the hero screen

Remember you can always change it to the other type if you have only advanced 1 reputation tier. The 2nd reputation tier makes it final

User Info: Fungo4

5 years ago#3
I think he means skill sets. I don't know of anywhere to find those though.
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User Info: cztoh

5 years ago#4
Well from my knowledge

Might heroes can learn all of the 1st tab skill sets (Economic, Might combat etc) but less on the magic, up to tier 2 for most sets

Magic heroes instead can learn all magic skills but only up to tier 2 for most non magic sets


Haven: No Dark Magic

Necro: No Light or Fire Magic

Not sure about the other 3 as I have not tried them yet

User Info: Gotenks-ss3

5 years ago#5
Thanks for the help.

Specifically though, I meant like.. is there anywhere that advises decent builds, what abilities to unlock over others to make the hero powerful and not waste ability points..? Kind of like something akin to talent builds in WoW.
Don't you know you're in the DANGER ZONE!?

User Info: cztoh

5 years ago#6
Well I can give you a few suggestions

Might Heroes:

- Reinforcements , since their magic power sucks they are better off using this skill to conserve creatures. Use it on the creature that will be hit the most such as unlimited retal units, healers and strong ranged units. Less important for Necro due to racial ability

- Archery (up to level 2), Haven gets the least mileage out of this but its still useful to get if you can line up shots with your Marksmen. All the others get increased damage each time they shoot so it adds up in a long siege battle. Not sure if it works with Sanctuary units as their ranged do magic damage

- Counterstrike (up to level 3), basically means you have first strike on a retal for the 1st 2 turns, thereby reducing the enemy creature count and the damage they will do

Magic Heroes:

- A heal spell such as Heal, Life Drain, Regeneration. Inferno gets the short end of the stick because heal doesn't work on their units and they cannot learn life drain

- A summon spell, preferably earth elementals who have rather high defense and a innate regen skill. Use it to block ranged creatures and to lure hits onto it

- Teleport, just too good with some creatures out there. A Fate Weaver being teleported into a surrounded position is just very very gay with her special ability

For generic realm skills such as Architect, put it on a sub hero who does his/her rounds collecting stuff, though I recommend all heroes to have Logistics.

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