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User Info: Southpaw89

5 years ago#1
I have the leader of a town imprisoned (now executed) and I'm sieging a town but I can't get enough troops to win. Is there a better way to siege this town and win?

User Info: Dadanster

5 years ago#2
You have to have more troops than the garrison and levy of the place you are trying to siege. It's the only way a siege can continue or allow you to fight.

User Info: Southpaw89

5 years ago#3
i had all my troops levied and they still outnumbered me quite a bit...

User Info: suchiuomizu

5 years ago#4
Your only other option, assuming you can afford it, is to hire mercenaries. That or call in allies if you have any and hope they join the siege.

User Info: jesterx7769

5 years ago#5
You dont have to choose the actual siege option to take a town. When you select siege it tells you that you will take significant damage. I had 1500 troops lose to 100 for example. However if you just keep your troops in the area they will attack still, look at the little bar on the left when you choose the area and you will see your guys and theirs, theirs will slowly go down so just keep doing this and not click the siege button.
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