Quick way to make gold for mount

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User Info: FishermanFriend

4 years ago#1
I just hit level 20 and the mounts are 5g. I don't even have 3g and I've vendored everything I couldn't use and haven't bought ANYTHING from vendors.

User Info: jesse6987

4 years ago#2
You won't be able to afford a mount right away, just use the tokens you get to rent one (the 5hr time limit is only used up during play time) and later in your 20's you will have enough.

User Info: Element_Pearl

4 years ago#3
I had 5g by the time I was 22, I was around 4g when I was at 20. I never used a rental token either because honestly the mounts are almost completely unnecessary in this game and only useful in the hub area.
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