Max level?

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User Info: Nasurin

4 years ago#1
Whats is the max level and how long am I looking at grind there? Thank you!
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User Info: BearlyWilling

4 years ago#2
60. No idea for time, though. Mileage may vary.

User Info: raichudl

4 years ago#3
60 so far.
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User Info: Scrapper

4 years ago#4
60 is level cap as of now. As for grind, I am level 25 and haven't had to grind yet. Some of the quest lines are actually pretty cool and add in the Foundry (user made quests/instances) that give xp too, it has been a pretty enjoyable experience so far.
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User Info: MrMonkhouse

4 years ago#5
Like the others said, 60 is the cap at the moment.

As far as grinding goes, it depends on how much time you're willing to invest. I've been putting in about 5-10 hours each day and I first started last Friday as a Wizard. Didn't like it, started over with a Rogue last Saturday and got it up to level 52 or 53 today and all I did were the main quest and I have 3 more cities to go to so I'm sure I'll be level 60 by the time I finish... I did some PvP, dungeon runs, and skirmish but they don't offer as much xp compared to just doing the main quest. So if you're looking to just go from 1-60 fast, do the main quests.

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