I'm "bad" because I prefer golf over baseball? REALLY?

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  3. I'm "bad" because I prefer golf over baseball? REALLY?

User Info: gamezrochard

5 years ago#1
These ladies at the bar ask me a random question every so often, and recently they asked if I prefer watching basketball or golf on TV. I didn't have an opinion, but I remember those long, lazy days of just watching golf with my dad on the tube, and never bothered with B-ball, so I picked golf, and my little karma bar went toward the red. WTF?
The next day, they asked me if I preferred cats or dogs, and I paused and thought "this is going to make me evil if I'm truthful, because I do like cats more."
So I picked dogs and it went toward the blue.
I understand the confession questions, but this is just stupid.
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User Info: casanova88888

5 years ago#2
Don't think of it as good or bad. Think of it as freedom or order. Dogs are stable, orderly creatures whereas cats are more "free". I'm not always in agreement with how the bar moves, but that helps to justify a lot of the responses.

I don't see how golf is free, chaotic, or exciting compared to baseball, though. I don't see either as particularly free, chaotic, or exciting.
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User Info: Cynrascal

5 years ago#3
I can see why dogs would be considered order and cats chaos. Dogs are seen as being loyal to their owners and would do anything, it seems to make them happy. They are called "Man's best friend" after all. Cats are seen as being independent and preferring to do their own thing and not be bothered by their masters unless they want to do so and get some attention.
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User Info: MR_Soren

5 years ago#4
It's not good versus bad, it is chaos versus order.

As to why golf and baseball would be rated in such a way, perhaps because baseball requires an organized and coordinated team while golf is effectively a bunch of people playing independently even if they are on a team.
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User Info: Orifalcon

5 years ago#5
I think their logic was more in regards to baseball being a "traditional" favorite sport, as the american "national pastime" while golf was more of a non-traditional answer to the question, if not a very chaotic one.
-Ori P Orennson

User Info: Zero Beat

Zero Beat
5 years ago#6
The one that really grinds my gears is "Do you prefer an older partner or a younger partner?"

Most men will say "younger" and most women will say "older," as reflected in the offline poll results. That's the traditional setup pretty much everywhere on Earth. Yet "younger" is the Chaos choice and "older" is the Order choice. To me, neither way is inherently chaos or order as long as you're not dating someone who is old enough to be your parent or young enough that they could be your child (or under 18 if you're 23 or older, you dirty, dirty ephebophile and/or pedophile). My personal rule is my age plus or minus four years. Also, age become less and less of an issue the older you get. While four or five years can be (and in some cases, is) a big deal when you're 20, when you're 45 and over, even ten years doesn't seem that big a deal to me.

And what about people that were born within a year of each other, so they're pretty much the same age? This one seems pretty much arbitrary to me.
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User Info: songoku99

5 years ago#7
Don't worry golf isn't a sport to begin with anyway.
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User Info: frank_swordsman

5 years ago#8
I saw it as: golf being an independant sport, so being alone and doing what you want. Baseball as a team sport, so working as partners just like love.
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User Info: TheBlackKnight3

5 years ago#9

I'm pretty sure it is the freedom to watch what you want; most people watch baseball and watching golf instead would be independent from the majority, the baseball group.

User Info: HappyUnicorn101

5 years ago#10
Golf = chaos
Lots of cheaters and adulterers play golf. (Tiger woods)

baseball = Law = Righteous
It is well known as "America's Pasttime" (I think should have that title though).

What other country in the world represents law, order, righteousness and perfection better than America? none.
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  3. I'm "bad" because I prefer golf over baseball? REALLY?

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