Okay, I need some help...*please no spoilers*

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User Info: Hatsuyo

5 years ago#1
So, I really want this game, and my brother was thinking of getting me a game for my birthday. So my mother told him, "she wants Catherine". He didn't got me this game, and today ( a few days after my birtday) he came to tell me why.

"wth I went to buy it with a friend and I was bothered with the cover so I asked this guy to show us some videos and me and she were shocked, and the guy told us it was almost a hentai."

Okay, I have seen some videos and know a little about the story and gameplay, but is it really that bad? I mean, I've seen some videos and it didn't see like it was like that, I actually find hentai a bit disgusting and I'm wondering, is this game that explict? I'm screw** anyway because my dad won't let me buy it and my brother's friend thinks I'm a perv lol
If you're wondering, yes, I'm old enough, and my mother saw me playing the demo and she wasn't bothered by it, can you guys help me show my brother and my dad that the game isn't that perverted? But if it is, oh well, thanks for reading my ranting....

User Info: bond007106

5 years ago#2
No, it't not that explicit (it would have gotten a higher rating if it were). That guy in the shop has most certainly never even played it.
You never actually see anything, it's all covered by conveniently placed bits of scenery. And there are no sex scenes (although there are a couple of scenes where Catherine and Vincent are in bed together and Catherine is naked, but as I said, you don't see anything).

The game is very tastefully and maturely handled (as one would expect from Atlus), it is not perverted at all (it most certainly is weird, however).
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  3. Okay, I need some help...*please no spoilers*

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