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User Info: coleipoo

4 years ago#11
There are three types of sockets:
Strength (red)
Dexterity (green)
Intelligence (blue)
Sockets appear randomly on most equipable items. Higher level items can appear with more sockets than lower level items of the same type.
The maximum amount of sockets that can appear on an item also varies by the type of item:
Two handed weapons and body armour can have up to 6 sockets
Wands, shields, and one handed weapons can have a maximum of 3 sockets
Everything else can have a maximum of 4 sockets
One exception to this is the starting weapon that appears on the beach at the start of the game. Its item level is 1 but it always has one socket of each colour.
Items are more likely to receive sockets that match their attribute requirements. So an item requiring only dexterity is more likely to have green sockets than red or blue sockets.
You can only put a blue (intelligence) gem in a blue socket, red gem in a red socket, etc.
Sockets can be linked. The links are shown as gold bars between the sockets. Support gems affect any skill gems in sockets that they are linked to.
For example:
This sword has 1 strength socket, 1 intelligence socket, and 2 dexterity sockets. Every socket is linked to every other socket. In this sword you could put:
4 skill gems. You would get access to 4 active skills.
3 skill gems and one support gem. You would get access to 3 active skills, and all three would be improved by the support gem.
2 skill gems, 2 support gems. You get 2 active skills, both are improved by both support gems
1 skill gem, 3 support gems. You get 1 active skill that is boosted by all 3 support gems.
So lets say you put in:
Cleave skill gem,
Raise Zombie skill gem, and
Added Cold Damage support gem.
You would get a cleave skill that does extra cold damage, and raise zombie skill with zombies that do extra cold damage.
You would not get zombies that have cleave, or raise a zombie every time you use cleave.
If two of the same support gem are linked to the same skill within the same socket group, they do not stack. Only the highest-level gem gives a bonus.
Additionally, two skill gems of the same type can be used in separate socket groups, resulting in more than one usable version of that skill. Skill Gems are only affected by support gems in the same socket group.
For example, imagine a piece of armour with 5 sockets. The first two sockets are linked in one group, and the remaining three sockets are linked in a separate group. If you putCleave and Faster Attacks in the first group, and Cleave,Added Fire Damage, and Added Cold Damage in the second group, you would have two different versions of cleave available - one cleave skill that attacks faster, and another cleave that does bonus fire and cold damage.
Small letters appear over the skill icons for each support gem you have attached to that skill. This allows you to differentiate between the different versions if you have more than one of the same skill gem equipped.

User Info: coleipoo

4 years ago#12
Item level
Each item has a level associated with it that is equal to the monster level of the area it dropped in. The monster level is shown on the map overlay. Rare and unique monsters have +2 to their level, and will yield items with an itemlevel two levels higher than other monsters in the same area.
You can check an item's level by picking it up on the cursor and typing /itemlevel in the chat box. This item level determines which modifiers it can receive, and how many sockets it can receive.

And done. Working on formatting now.

User Info: thebestestbest

4 years ago#13
1. Avoiding the hit:
At this stage there is a chance to evade attacks (accuracy vs evasion)

How is accuracy vs evasion calculated?

User Info: Defunctive

4 years ago#14
sticky please!
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User Info: Herostratus_

4 years ago#15
Sticky requested! Definitely a good reference to have on the board.
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User Info: sadjesture

4 years ago#16
Is there a place where I can find info on the # of sockets available pass certain Item Levels X??

User Info: Succubus191

4 years ago#17
Great thread coleipoo!

I just want to leave this link here. It has a list of all the quest rewards and to my knowledge is up to date.


User Info: Daxloth

4 years ago#18
this was very useful information and answered a few of my questions. thank you
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