Take a look at my witch build and make suggestions please.

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User Info: 5171522

4 years ago#1
Yes, I know I spent a lot of points. Yes, I know it will be a while before I can reach that.

Was going for CI energy shield spell caster. Not sure if it's too glass-cannony or not, considering how much boost to energy shield is in there.


The huge ring of increased energy shield would probably be the last thing I do, since it's minor increments of improvement rather than gamechanging passives.

Total of +42% to elemental resistances, and not bothering to count the rest of the stuff :|

User Info: llaW_Enots

4 years ago#2
Kripp on YouTube says that is a good way to go with CI.

User Info: RanmaRanma

4 years ago#3
You take Lightning Walker but not the lightning resist node beside the fire and all resist one on the left, near Inner Force, why?

You're so close with Ghost Reaver to the Nullifcation nodes, why not go that route for the resists/evasion and shield they give? They're amazing imo, much better than the ES ring below the Witch starting area. Same amount of ES, just all that other stuff too.

Increased area of effect seems useless to me. I'd spec out of all of those.

You skipped the 12% mana on the starting right path of the Witch area. That's a lot for one point.

No Bloodthrist, when you're right near it. Why not?

I think you're spreading yourself too thin, honestly. Examine a build only going right and downward and see what you think. Also, you're using 106 points. You probably won't get more than 70-80.

For example, here's a cold build I just assembled using 76 points. Not saying it's great or the end all be all, but have a looksey. You can spec out of the cold nodes and into fire or lightning (or none, but the nodes near Mental Acruity are good to get somehow). From there, any extra points, you can start going left off the Witch starting path past Savant and over to the resists there, below Inner Force.

76 points:

93 points:

User Info: RanmaRanma

4 years ago#4
I did the math for both of our builds. Here is the comparison results:

Yours vs. Mine (yours with 105 points spent, mine with 93):

Keystones CI and GR are on both builds.

Intelligence: 300 vs. 230
Spell Damage: 55 vs. 37
Cold Damage: 18 vs. 90
Fire Damage: 18 vs. 0
Lightning Damage: 18 vs. 0
Spell Crit Chance: 85 vs. 250
Spell Crit Multiplier: 0 vs. 120
Cast Speed: 35 vs. 28
Area Effect Damage: 12 vs. 0
Area of Effect Range: 32 vs. 0
Spell Damage Per Power Charge: 2 vs. 0

Mana: 36 vs. 48
Mana Regen: 80 vs. 40
Power Charges: 2 vs. 0
Power Charge Duration: 15 vs. 0

Energy Shield: 137 vs. 141
Energy Shield Delay: 65 vs. 75
Evasion: 0 vs. 84
All Resist: 12 vs. 32
Cold Resist: 30 vs. 30
Fire Resist: 30 vs. 15
Lightning Resist: 30 vs. 30
Block Recovery: 50 vs. 0
Block Chance: 4 vs. 0
Energy Shield on Block: 30 vs. 0
Movement Speed: 0 vs. 4
Freeze Chance: 0 vs. 5

Gear and Gem Resources:
Dexterity: 70 vs. 50
Strength: 60 vs. 20

In conclusion:

Defensively, I think my build has better defenses with more evasion, more resists, more ES, and more ESD, but you do have the block stuff.

Offensively, I think my build has way more damage potential. I do 127 Cold Damage vs. your 73 damage for all elements. If desired, it's easy to drop the cold damage and grab more spell damage to be more versatile, but even still I do only 18 less all elemental damage than you. I have way more crit and a lot of crit multiplier, which you have none. You have slightly more cast speed though. I consider area of effect useless, personally.

I think my build looks better overall. I'm not sure how good the shield stuff is, nor if power charges are worth it. Even still, with my build, there's an extra 12 points to spend to grab anything else you want, like those or more mana regen or more str or dex, if needed.


User Info: 5171522

4 years ago#5
Wow. To be honest I was unaware those branches of the tree around the shadow existed. Seriously amending my build based on what you said right now.
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  3. Take a look at my witch build and make suggestions please.

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