Casuals and bads, go round the outside...

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User Info: ARPG_Master

4 years ago#41
darthjerro posted...
ARPG_Master posted...
darthjerro posted...
Yep, you are the guys I definAtly want to be gaming with. We can all have fun together, laugh, cry ,share our emotions and feelings . Bunch of fragging girls. I'm going to go out of my way and say you's are Yanks. Only yanks carry on like this. Just like you all get up at the end of a movie and clap and cheer like morons.

How's that, " umad" bunch of sepo's... Haha

Want to a to antagonise me for no reason but expressing my feelings , get that up has you wa wAnkers

Oh yeah? Well get that up has you wa wAnkers to you too buddy!

I have no idea what I just said...

Apologies , using my phone, it's not the best to type on, but I don't sit Infront of a computer at work all day, I actually have to do some real work. I wouldn't expect Americans to understand slang or humour for that matter, as dry as your drywalls you lot.
But please feel free to report me, you lot can dish it out, but receiving it back is another story...

Says the guy crying about getting ganged up on after he insulted everybody. A bit of a sticky wicket you've gotten yourself into. Now bugger off!

User Info: Golden Nirvana

Golden Nirvana
4 years ago#42
See, he can research slang also to pretend to be from another culture.
Freight trains are awesome because when they move it sounds like a breakdown - coachroche

User Info: FaYt2021

4 years ago#43
TC, I agree with your point; I also think you're lame. Hmm.
"When you're ready, please slap Mr. Flesh-Stick in his B**** FACE!" - Tiny Tina

User Info: darthjerro

4 years ago#44
I am sorry, i did create this as a troll thread, and it turned out to be one.
Im going to go ahead and close it now.
I dont act like this in real life, why do i act like this on some gaming board?

User Info: Lost Hope

Lost Hope
4 years ago#45
lol...I bet the TC didn't expect this...

I bet he thought that since he posted on the PoE board, flaming D3 fanboys, everyone will agree with him and praise him for his "insight"...

it's funny watching him desperately trying to defending himself by throwing childish insults...thanks for the
Christ paid a debt He didn't owe, to satisfy a debt we couldn't pay.

User Info: Graybes

4 years ago#46
Let's keep posting so he can't close it and everyone can see

User Info: eco master

eco master
4 years ago#47
I'm down.
ill be here 4 u eco jus lyk the mop on the commercial babby-wechina23
fighting games suck-bluerain

User Info: LanceFlugerman

4 years ago#48
Lol, this game is the most casual friendly ever. I can play for 2 hours a week and stll kill the next quest no prob.

+ gear drops lots which you can use to upgrade the current loot you have go turn almost any gear into good enough gear.
Ma Ma Se Ma Ma Sa Ma Ma Coo Sa.

User Info: MagicSoulfire91

4 years ago#49
darthjerro posted...
eco master posted...
Real gamers are people who play video games. Diablo 3 is a game. Path of Exile is a game. We are all real gamers.

No, real gamers don't cry games are too hard and want nerfs.
Real gamers don't need their hand held what playing, they figure it out for themselves

Sorry, but real gamers are just people who play video games in reality, that includes everyone from a 5 year old playing hello kitty island adventure to your 40 year old virgin *Hardcore* gamer types, your loud obnoxious opinion doesn't alter facts.
"At least your girlfriend treats all of her subscribers equally instead of giving them special mounts for bringing their friends." - bob the fish.
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