What's with the D3 obsession in PoE?

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User Info: Steamster

4 years ago#11
KarmicDragon1 posted...
Steamster posted...
It's a troll thing, you wouldn't understand bro.

I guess not. It's just scary that so few people seem to play games because they enjoy them, and only play them to prove that they think they're better than whatever other game. It seems like such a huge waste of time.

What I find absolutely terrifying is that some people actually just research games and watch videos discussing them, then use this knowledge to troll message boards with a typically young user population. They barely even play games themselves.

I mean, you'd have to be some sort of psychopath to waste your time doing that sort of thing, but I'm sure someone somewhere out there is doing that right now. Maybe even right here.

User Info: Rizzonater

4 years ago#12
Why is WoW brought up in every MMO?
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User Info: Robtcee13

4 years ago#13
Zorlac posted...
You can't expect people to not discuss similar games.

But "better" doesn't ever come into play when we're talking about game design. The only ones who can really declare that a game is better than another are professional game designers and professional critics. Looking at a game objectively is really really hard to do. I claim that I can look at a game objectively, but not very well, because what I am able to do is admit that certain games that I enjoy are bad.
So there are two things when it comes to having opinions
1. Objectivity. Is it actually better?
2. Subjectivity. Is it more fun for you?

Most people who try to say one game is better than another don't realize it, but they're talking subjectively, and not objectively. Objectively, both Diablo 3 and Path of Exile are fairly good games at worst. Subjectively, a lot of elements of Diablo 3 are really love/hate, while Path of Exile appeals to the more hardcore players of the genre... and is still really love/hate as a result of that. The only real objectively bad thing I can say about Diablo 3 is that the loot is fairly lackluster... but I really really dislike the game and find it thoroughly unfun because it's just not for me.
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User Info: ZaruenKosai

4 years ago#14
KarmicDragon1 posted...
ZaruenKosai posted...
KarmicDragon1 posted...
Every time I look at chat, someone is complaining about Diablo 3, comparing the game to Diablo 3 (even though it's nothing like it), complaining about Blizzard and/or Jay Wilson, or whining about how easy D3 is.

That actually worries me. I had a similar experience in SWTOR. People did nothing but complain about how "casual" WoW was, how bad WoW was, how WoW was the worst game ever, and then 10 months later, SWTOR went free to play, while WoW is as strong as ever.

It feels like too much emphasis is being put on how much other games suck compared to PoE, and not enough on "Hey, PoE is a great game, let's enjoy it"-type of behaviour. What gives? What is with this recent trend, you think? What's causing it? Is it just the fact that people feel the need to reassure themselves that they are making the right choice by playing PoE?

It all seems so weird to me. When I play PoE, I don't think about any other game. I look at my build and I try to not die. That's literally all that goes through my head as I play. It's the same when I play League of Legends. "How do I win this match? Gotta watch out for that damn Twisted Faith ult past level 6. Gotta try to gank bot lane if needed". I don't think "DAMN, THIS GAME IS BETTER THAN DOTA. DOTA SUCKS. THIS GAME ROCKS AND IS BEST OK". Maybe I just don't feel the need to validate my choices in games to anyone, like many people seem to feel the need to do.

lying hypocrite... this is all you spend your life on ... you do nothing but troll..

look in a mirror bud... understand why it broke?

Do you have anything other than ad hominems because they're getting a bit stale.

if you want to look at something stale, look in the mirror bud.

your trolling was stale before you started..

maybe it's time for you to actually listen to people who are trying to tell you how how much of a messed up life you are leading. day after day you go on boards to fulfill your craving to troll and get people pissed off at you.

seriously dude.... the only kind of people that troll the way you do have serious mental health issues in real life..

User Info: Ryyaann_Is_Band

4 years ago#15
Lmfao Zaren got trolled hard
Ryyaann is banned.

User Info: Graybes

4 years ago#16
Oh god you're right...I really hope this game doesn't become free to play at some point.
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