What is your class/dps/location right now?

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User Info: darkstorf18

4 years ago#1
Duelist/611 dps/ act1 cruel.

User Info: jbtilley

4 years ago#2
Ranger/14 dps/ act 1/clvl 9

User Info: Rydis-Shiko

4 years ago#3
Ranger 43..act 2 cruel..1150 dps
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User Info: Ruppe21

4 years ago#4
Witch act 3 cruel,dps depends on spell but doesn't mean anything for witch,my 200 dps lmp icespear demolishes everything.

Marauder act 2 cruel,390 dps

User Info: SyxxPakk6

4 years ago#5
52 Tank Templar - 722 dps w/ Lightning Strike - Act 3 Cruel (just started)

Since Defense is like my DPS really as a tank:

1522 HP - 522 ES - 42% Armor Reduction from Armor - 34% Shield Block Chance - 20% Damage Reduction from Endurance Charges - 60% + Resistances to all except Chaos.
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User Info: dsvw56

4 years ago#6
lvl 54 LS Templar, 937 DPS Act 1 Merciless.
GT : SacredDriver

User Info: Arlundar2

4 years ago#7
63 Marauder 600 dps cleave,630 lightning strike ,1430 heavy strike
A2 merciless


User Info: Ryyaann_Is_Band

4 years ago#8
2-Handed Ranger, 1678 dps, Level 41
Ryyaann_Is_Band is warned.

User Info: Succubus191

4 years ago#9
54 Templar Tank, 1100 DPS, Halfway through Act 3 Cruel

User Info: Procz

4 years ago#10
marauder/1100/act 2 cruel
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  3. What is your class/dps/location right now?

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