Any tips for someone just starting?

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User Info: abbeldydoo

3 years ago#1
I just DL from Steam,any tips?
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User Info: Redjoker777

3 years ago#2
prioritize defence first.

staying alive is more important than doing damage.
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User Info: Marikhen

3 years ago#3
#1 Save as much of your currency orbs as you can.

#2 Don't plan on hitting the "end-game content" with your first two or three characters. You probably shouldn't plan on hitting Merciless difficulty (third/final one) on them either. You can do it, but for many new players it's not going to be easy or very fun.

#3 Don't try to pull off some of the more insane builds you might see on YouTube or other streaming video sites. Stick with the basics of summoners, "I hit it until it dies" two-handers, sword'n'board types, generic archers, and so on. In the latter case Rain of Arrows is often a really good skill to use.

#4 The descriptions of passive nodes are often very literal. That's not to say that they're all obvious, there's a difference between increased energy shield and more energy shield, but they often mean exactly what they say. If it says life regeneration it means HP/s from things like coral amulets or the % of HP/s from near the Marauder, Templar, and Duelist areas. It does not mean life flasks.

#5 This game's potions are called flasks, and they're permanent items. Because of this it's often worth it to save ones with useful effects such as removing curses, increasing your movement speed or armor/resists, and so on.

#6 Once you're past level 20 or so you probably don't need to continue using scrolls of wisdom to ID blue items. By this point you'll be or getting close to being completely decked out in yellow/rare items, and from that point on you'll rarely favor blue/magic items over them.

#7 Vendoring unidentified items gets you shards of transmutation. Vendoring identified items gets you shards of alteration. Alteration are worth more than transmutation, but rare/yellow items give more shards than blue/magic items. You can also vendor the orbs of transmutation/alteration those shards become (20 shards to an orb) for 4 wisdom scrolls apiece. Don't use orbs of alteration for that.

#8 Read the wiki. Specifically:

The skill gems page has a description at the top about how item level and socketing works. The quest rewards section as a link to drop-only gems. Read both of those pages before even thinking of asking how much a gem is worth. The vendor recipe one is especially useful because it details what gets sold for what when you sell items to an NPC vendor. There are "recipes" available that can be very useful to take advantage of. Also, even if an item's random properties are determined when the item drops and not when it's ID'd they are not taken into account when vendored unless the item is ID'd. IOW if you have an item with a chaos resistance affix you won't get a shard of alchemy for vendoring it unless you ID it first.

#9 If you're a hoarder, or altoholic, and don't want to spend money on more stash tabs you can load up two or more clients at once and log into multiple accounts simultaneously making mule accounts and characters viable. Just be aware that the client can take up to 2GB of RAM per instance so if you're not running an 8GB or better system this might cause performance issues.

#10 Read many of the other topics on this board if you haven't already.

#11 The game's nickname has been Path of Life Nodes for a long time for a reason. When building your character favor defense over offense.

#12 Look over the passive tree at before playing. Decide what class you want to start with and look at how you can build your character before you start playing. Forewarned is, as they say, forearmed.
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User Info: Marikhen

3 years ago#4
#13 This will probably be somewhat controversial. If you don't care about saving money to buy stuff from other players with later or you're having serious trouble advancing a character you don't want to quit playing and simply cannot buy the gear upgrades you need then, and only then, it can be useful to use orbs like alchemies to try to "craft" (which is to say gamble given the RNG nature of "crafting" in this game) your upgrades.

Using orbs to alter the sockets, links, and socket colors on your items is generally more acceptable in terms of what's recommended to do while leveling, but if you're going to "craft" your upgrades don't bother using gear that you're also going to have to use jeweller's orbs or orbs of fusing on. Needing to use chromatic orbs isn't too bad, however, as they're relatively plentiful. If you decide to pick up white items for later use in crafting be sure to read the section of the skill gem link involving item level and available sockets on items. That way you can tell whether or not the number of sockets/links is the "best" for that item.

Generally speaking, however, you probably shouldn't do that, and you probably shouldn't need to do that.
Stop complaining. I could have done this more painfully. - Dryad from Sacred 2.
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