english patch?

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User Info: amiseravaldo

6 years ago#1
PSP2I english translation?

User Info: Limbo_lag

6 years ago#2
Not at the moment. Use the guides instead, its not too hard.

User Info: Eternal_Abyss_

6 years ago#3
It's a big help if you played an English version of PS:P2 because all layouts for menus and so on are the same but, yes, it's not to bad really, i don't know a word of Japanese so i made notes from the Wiki to work from.

As it stands now i recognise the symbols for the different element Tech speed and power boosts in the shop,so yes you will get used to things eventually :)
no games....no systems....no hopes..... :O

User Info: raizj

6 years ago#4
Lol this isn't mhp3rd, theres no english patch.

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