Leveling Tips and which characters should be paired?

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User Info: devildeadpool

6 years ago#1
I was looking at a leveling guide online and their was 3 options per character a tower based, dps or hybrid. Through each of these setups points were placed in everything except for charcter speed and tower range.

Is the tower "area if effect" useless or is it worth upgrading how about character speed?

Also what does area of effect count as, just range or splash damage as well?

I am wondering for each class which is the best leveling setup i was thinking apprentice-tower, squire-hybrid, huntress- dps or hybrid, monk dps or hybrid. For each of these classes how should i level my stats?

and my third and final question is what classes pair well with each other cus my cousin has this game and were going to play together and we hope to level up each class fully so how should we do that i think all pairings probably work well except for the monk and huntress together.

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User Info: Kushu

6 years ago#2
I'd probably put Monk and Apprentice together. I haven't tried the squire yet, but I thought with the squire you wanted the mobs attacking your towers, so they took damage. Therefore, Enrage would be counterproductive. Furthermore, as a monk/prentice team: Magic Blockade removes elemental resistance, so Electric Aura can hurt anything, if you place it right (probably behind and overlapping with the blockade, so that it can hit the first few things inside the blockade's Null Zone. Likewise, dropping an Enrage right near a Magic Blockade would be a fine strategy, since enemies will pile up around the blockade and be taking damage from your supporting tower. May as well make them fight each other too! And if the enemies manage to break the blockade, and proceed past it, they'll still have half the Zone to make it through. Snare Aura could work with a similar placement. Or Cripple if the Blockade is the last thing protecting the Crystals.

Increasing Tower Range/Tower Area of Effect does exactly what it sounds like, it increases the area the tower can affect. It increases the size of a monk's auras, the blast radius of a Huntress' traps, or the firing arc of an Apprentice tower.

It's importance is probably, ultimately a little varied. Because gear gives bonuses, you could probably skip adding as many points here manually, and just take whatever you get from the gear. Think of it this way: with 30 points, it might double the firing arc of a Magic Missile tower, which would essentially give you an extra missile shot before the enemy reaches the tower. Or, I could put that 30 points into health, and make it take an extra 7-10 attacks to kill the tower. Now, if that enemy attacks twice per second, it takes 3.5 seconds longer to destroy the tower, giving me 3 extra missiles. (Or 7 extra missiles if they ever fix the Magic Missile Tower, which currently has an Attack Rate of 1, no matter what the tower's stats say it should have)

The same holds true for Character Speed, I guess. I put some points in, because I wanna go fast. But in endgame gear, I'll probably be able to take those points out. Heck, my Apprentice is only 48, and already I have some stats getting +20 or more from items. And 20-30 feels like a perfectly useable level of speed.

User Info: Doubleored

6 years ago#3
I've seen that guide and I don't understand why he has nothing in character speed. It lets your character move faster which lets you respond to trouble spots quicker. Honestly, it's nice to move quicker even if you are going for a tower build. I wouldn't put too many points into it though. I have about 10 points in mine and I'm very happy with how fast I move so I think I'm stopping there. You can also probably get a lot of points from equipment too.

Area of effect increases the range of your towers - its no where near useless, it's very nice. Don't focus on it at first though - get damage, tower speed and health up for your first few levels, then after about level 10 you can put points into it here and there.

As for what characters pair well - the monk is very much a support class so he goes well with just about anyone though he's better with the apprentice or squire. The huntress is more of a dps character - she's best paired with the apprentice or squire BUT - that's not to say a huntress/monk combo couldn't work either - you'll just have to really communicate effectively because you essentially have no barriers or traditional towers to use against mobs.
Squire and Apprentice have more 'traditional' towers and defenses and they make an effective combo. Squire/Apprentice with either monk/huntress will also be an excellent combo as well.

User Info: Shad0wKid

6 years ago#4
If your huntress traps do as much damage as mines.. You'll appreciate monks ensnare over your proximity mine. Coupled with an elec field and enrage (only in high traffic choke points) and you'll be amazed

User Info: nedrith

6 years ago#5
Tower range for a apprentice From what I've been noticing is rather important.

On the Third map I used two lightning Towers Near the crystal to defend from the flyers, probably a better solution but it worked. With 0 points in range/area of affect the towers didn't even cover the entire crystal area, only half. With 8 points I was basically covering the entire thing. the range on the fireball towers were easily noticeable and allowed me to place the magic blockades at more reasonable locations and not be as stingy on the location of the towers.

Nothing vitally important at the beginning, first map range will do very little, second map you'll notice it but there are better, 3rd map it's starts to be nice.

and yea I would go with apprentice/monk also. Personally I don't like apprentice/knight as I prefer the magic blockades removal affect and the rest of the knight's abilities never impressed me much but having the monks healing abilities and auras would be sweet.

User Info: PhoenixAssassin

6 years ago#6
my huntress has maxed out speed. I love it not only does it let you get around so much faster, but you can jump farther meaning you can take shortcuts. for example on the magus level you can jump from the center over the lava onto the bridge. it takes you half a second which would take someone who cant make that jump 10-15 seconds to do
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