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User Info: simplyslain

5 years ago#1
Whenever I try to play online it won't give me the option. The Online Play is blacked out and so is the download content area. It won't even let me put my cursor over them. I was playing online with my friends last week, but it just stopped working, no updates or anything. I did share the game with my friends from my PSN account.

Any idea what the problem is? One of my friends can still play online but the other two of us can't?

User Info: dakota1990

5 years ago#2
you still can i don't know whats wrong with yours.
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User Info: Celda

5 years ago#3
Are the two of you that shared the game the ones unable to play?

If so, crap, guess I shouldn't share the game then.
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User Info: xkierx

5 years ago#4
happens to me click local when on charecter select screen go back to main menu n it should work

User Info: simplyslain

5 years ago#5
Well I actually bought the game, but my friend who got it after me from my account can still play it so I'm not sure thats the problem.

And I'll try that, thanks.

User Info: Lumirend

5 years ago#6
Happens to me sometimes, I get booted to the main menu saying I was signed out of PSN, when I am not and am still messaging my friends. This happens when I host, I dont remember it happening when I join others.

User Info: Celda

5 years ago#7
Hey can you tell us if you still are unable to go online?

If so, then I for sure won't share it, but if it's fine, I might share it with my friend if I can convince him to play.
,.-•¤†³'¯(31|)4¯'³†¤•-. It's obvious...All fools should agonize and scream!-God Rugal

User Info: simplyslain

5 years ago#8
Yeah still no luck, at least not for me /:

User Info: imboredwhatabou

5 years ago#9
I have shared the game with 2 friends and we are all able to connect just fine. I have had this problem one time, all I did was exit the game and restart it. Then I was able to get online
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