Best Squire Build? And Best squire weapon?

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User Info: MetalXXXI

6 years ago#1
I had a split build of hero and tower but don't know if that's the most efficient. Don't have a great weapon though but if I did what build choice would be the best? And where should the stats be? Also what are some of the best squire weapons that I should be trying to get?

User Info: Lumirend

6 years ago#2
I base my build around my weapon, instead of the other way around. A respec costs 100k, making a new weapon for your build costs millions.

For raw physical, I went with 70 hero attack, 70 hero health, 70 tower health, the rest into tower damage. Equipment will get the other stats to a good enough level.

As for the weapon I used High Five for physical, from Ogre Crush on medium/hard. Its really fast.

For an elemental, and my current, build. I went with 70 hero health, 70 tower health, 70 tower damage, the rest into tower range.

For the weapon start with flame warder from the Summit, its pretty easy to get. Once it's upgraded to a good level (with all into element damage) you can go for maleficar's rapier from Alchemy lab on insane for a poison element, or the Throne room on insane for a lightning one. Or you could just stick with fire, its up to you.

User Info: SkyHeaven

6 years ago#3
mobile moxie is the best one for tower build. its give at least 20hp on tower stats. it is like a flamewarder. supose to be the fastest attack weapon, high five is 2nd for speed.
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