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User Info: XplayMatt

4 years ago#1
True Nobility help. kill 50 monsters in 5 seconds. Can someone help me boost it please

Tried last night to get it and seemed like i got 50 monsters in 5 seconds but maybe not. I am fairly new on this game and only been playing 5 days of this game so dont know everything about it. Can someone explain best strategy on how to get this trophy. I tried the guide way last night but didnt achieve it but seemed like i was close. I have several characters above level 70 and this use to be brother save but he let me take over and play. He doesnt kno how to do get this trophy either. If someone would join me on game let me know. but since im fairly new i was hoping someone can explain how to get it better.

User Info: 13051408

4 years ago#2
Survival and Mana Bomb.

User Info: GHslaughter

4 years ago#3
Definitely survival, do it on easy, build each door with the same controller (switch toons as needed to build) and it will happen eventually as each door puts out the raw unit totals needed for this.
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