Need help with trophies

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User Info: rpgamer20

4 years ago#1
I realize that the only way I can ever hope to reach my goal of receiving the platinum trophy is if I play with other people. This game was meant to be played with more than one person, I get it. But getting kicked out when playing online for doing absolutely nothing sucks. So I have to come to Gamefaqs to request help from other people that are willing to help me achieve my goal. You guys can have all the loot that pops up during the match, I just want the trophies. I mostly just want to get through the maps and the challenges on insane done. I've managed to do some maps by myself on insane but there is a limit to what one person can do in Dungeon Defenders. Please help me. I have app LV:71 and a monk LV: early 60s My PSN ID is sk91335.
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User Info: CNyceNC

4 years ago#2
I'll be glad to help. I already have all the trophies myself.

I'm online pretty much everyday. Been playing this and Darksiders, so anytime you need assistance, just send me an invite.

See sig for PSN.
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User Info: carlzeiss23

4 years ago#3
goodluck most of them will boot you esp. if youre using huntress
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