How many years have you lasted so far?

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User Info: MidgardDragon99

4 years ago#31
21 as a Pomeranian. "yay I get to play story mode now!" "what? I unlocked another tutorial and now it's back to slogging away at survival? f***."
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User Info: NanayaMode

4 years ago#32
101 years as a Jackel. Spent the last quarter of them in the sewers, except when I ventured out at the end to try to reach an event to get new gear. Found cavemen for the first time...didn't last 5 seconds after getting spotted.

User Info: squiggy9996999

4 years ago#33
not that many, i try an animal, unlock the next one and move on so i think i only passed 50 once so far. eventually i will play more but at the moment i'm mostly unlocking animals.

User Info: ThermalPisces

4 years ago#34
110 years with the Tigers.
Stayed around the sewers during the toxic periods and during the final years, ran into pretty much everything, including teradactile-looking things, giant dragon flies and Homo-erectus.. which are absurdly overpowered and always in packs around 20 large.
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User Info: Large_Tonberry

4 years ago#36
102 with the Retriever.

After that point I just decided to end it by getting gang-raped by 20-30 homosapiens in the facility, though I'm sure I could have carried on for another 10 years.

Coming up to 90 years on my current playthrough with the Rabbit, so I might surpass it if I can be bothered.

User Info: King_Drgyn

4 years ago#37
107 as a jackal nothing left to eat all the cavemen kept eating everything could not kill them cus their pack sizes were way to big and i starved to death... living off water only does soo much.

really at that point in the game only survival is drink water mate with desperate female rinse and repeat probably survive forever if your good enough.

did make it to 103 as a porcupine until the cavemen ate him :P

User Info: minverik

4 years ago#38
I made it to 101 with the Panther. When I went into an area after year 101 started I was immediately jumped by a flock of cavemen.

User Info: arstos

4 years ago#39
62 with a pom, then the polar bears caught me
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User Info: Giga Ganon

Giga Ganon
4 years ago#40
70 years with the Beagle. Was finishing up the final challenge (mate one last time) and got picked off by a pterodactyl.
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