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User Info: Kiryen

5 years ago#1
I posted this a while ago for the Japanese (JP) version. Figure the information should be helpful.



The "Tokyo Jungle" spreadsheet has the following tabs:

If you can't find what you need, post it here.
Very tiny, post a question and I'll answer it.
This will help you decipher Japanese wikis, or you can use the Translation columns directly to help with missions that require you to find something.
Translations of mission objectives.
Use this if you want to know what a certain event entails. Completely based on the JP version; the translations are mine and not official, so they won't match up with your game exactly.
Animals and what you need to play as to unlock them. Also includes their nutritional value and body size (useful for determining if you can insta-kill something).
List of all usable items in the game.
List of costumes, along with cost and how to acquire it (if it doesn't randomly drop). Based on the JP version so the names can be different.
Rough translation of the story mode objectives and archive items.
(Very brief) Japanese language guide.
Random observations and notes about the spreadsheet itself.

Tabs with asterisks are ones you won't need if you're playing the English version.

User Info: Kiryen

5 years ago#2
Reply to this topic or post on the To-Do page if you need something.

User Info: Kiryen

5 years ago#3
Maps are up:
Main directory

Links to individual maps (from south to north, in order of connection; underground areas at the end):
Shibuya Suburbs
Shibuya Shop District
Shibuya Station
Shibuya Woods
Yamanote Line East
Yamanote Line West
Yoyogi Park West
Yoyogi Park East
Yoyogi Park Underground
Underground Facility

User Info: Kiryen

5 years ago#4
Probably going to disappear from this board (too busy with work and playing Borderlands 2), so reply to this topic or leave a note on the spreadsheet or maps if you need something.

User Info: RayKnight

5 years ago#5
I'd gladly appeal to the mods to have your topic stickied so it wouldn't disappear into the archives.
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User Info: PinkPikachu

5 years ago#6
requested stickyy
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User Info: CBall02

5 years ago#7
Also requested a sticky, good work.
*Waves WTF flag*
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User Info: Stoneheart86

5 years ago#8
PSN: S-heart86

User Info: GamerInJapan

5 years ago#9
Nice work! .. Request a sticky!

User Info: Helissio

5 years ago#10
bump for the good work
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