finally got 100%! :D

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User Info: Monistic_Turtle

5 years ago#1
Anyone else snag all the trophies yet? That final story mission and completing all the challenges in one run were killer. Yet somehow, making it to year 100 wasn't too bad for me. I did the 100 year and the all challenge trophy with the wolf. Hmm... guess there really was no point to this topic other than self-congratulatory smugness. :p Really fun game though, I'll probably go back eventually and try to unlock that Cheetah again.
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User Info: Large_Tonberry

5 years ago#2
Congrats! I just got my 100% about an hour ago. Last thing I needed was the fashion one (lucked out any finally found a Pet Jacket to complete the set).

I *kind of* cheated for my 100 / All challenges run. After about 40 years (with the Retriever), I saved then backed up my save data to a USB. I only reloaded once, but still, the game did do everything in its power to screw up that run, so I feel it was justified. Ended it at 105 years by going into the underground facility and getting practically gang raped by homo-sapiens.

Going to start unlocking some more animals this evening; I really want the ostrich. :D

User Info: Seifer_us

5 years ago#3
Got mine last night, but man that ending was a bummer. I still have a lot of animals to unlock though, so I should get quite a bit more playtime out of it.
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  3. finally got 100%! :D

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