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User Info: shaakes

5 years ago#11
Go to sleep.

if you take an area over and have a nest, but don't pick up a mate, you can sleep in it. I believe if you go to sleep it brings toxicity down to 0%. I'm also ok with one of my creatures dying if I'm in a pack. You switch to the next one with 50% tox. Not great, but removes some of the stress. Also, if you do have a mate and use them your next gen is back at 0%.

Or, I will just gorge if I find some food and it will bring you down fairly quickly. Plus I carry food around (in my mouth) for hunger/reduce tox (if you are a predator)
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User Info: squiggy9996999

5 years ago#12
sleeping works, so does going underground. use the sewers and caves.

"Seems to me I lose toxicity when I eat fresh meat. Dunno about a herbivore but if you eat meat, it should keep you alive."

some meat is contaminated though and it's "damned if you do, damned if you don't". :)

User Info: RHF

5 years ago#13
Hunger is easily worse threat then Toxicity.

Never died from Toxicity, I feel I'd die form Hunger more often then Toxicity
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User Info: NoJapanPlease

5 years ago#14
Wear the Gas Mask in smog... if you have it.
Stock up on water, pet food and magazine.
Keep hunting animals and eating them... if they're not purple.
Use a faster animal. Speed is your best friend in this jungle.
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