So I allowed my Tosa to die...

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User Info: RayKnight

4 years ago#1
I wanted to quickly unlock all the animals and after completing the Wolf challenge to unlock the Wolf, I allowed my Tosa to die.

Somehow, I feel guilty.
I didn't kill him. He seemed like a pretty decent guy.
But I did shoot him in the testicles.
- enjoi_number8 on AF, RDR

User Info: ArcRay20

4 years ago#2
ahh dont feel too bad. im doing just that to quickly unlock animals.
(its not going easy right now as the Dairy Cow is giving me too much trouble just to complete challenges)
Always remember: For every five minutes, you waste an hour.
-Arc Ray

User Info: marvzwest911

4 years ago#3
the did EXACTLYYY that. i already got every animal unlocked now. its a faster way to get them and even when you do that its still time consuming. wait untill you get to the Elephant Challenge. its HORRIBLEEE. the Elephant walks soooooo sloowwww. the last challenge to unlock the animal will make you walk the wholeee map and to the worst spot with non stop Hyenas and lions. only to die and start alll over again n again. also toxcity is the worst with them. i hade to save the game file to a USB stick so i know longer hade to start from scratch when i died. maybe yall will have better experience then me but idkkk

User Info: Tio Automata

Tio Automata
4 years ago#4
I did that last night because I just unlocked Ostrich and I needed to go to bed. I usually do try to make some sort of effort to survive longer, but my level of effort varies.
"I just can't find any good Tony Danza pics to get off to yet!" -Rvddude

User Info: squiggy9996999

4 years ago#5
i usually try to see how far i will go but i tend to play brave/stupid once i have the challenge done.

sort of like how sometimes you have 3 extra lives/animals, and a panther takes out all 3 with one strike and you thought you were going to kick his ass but you're alone and at half life and you run...and then you are being chased by panthers, lions and bears oh my!

User Info: Deified_Data

4 years ago#6
I'm saving all of my uber-survival runs for after I complete the story. Right now I'm working on unlocking animals and story segments. Once I'm done with that I'll focus on surviving with my favorites.

My tosa died prematurely, too, though I didn't really have to commit suicide. I killed the wolf boss, but one of his henchman managed to call for reinforcements. Got overwhelmed. But I don't mind, so long as I accomplish everything I set out to do.
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