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User Info: jetspikefever

4 years ago#1
Just thought it might be cool to have a list of everyone who made it to the 100 year mark and maybe add which animal you did it 1st with. Be interesting to see how many people did it with relatively weak animals. Add some extra comments about the 100 year run too (i.e. when did u finally died, etc).

User Info: jetspikefever

4 years ago#2
Tiger - 105 Years.

My first successful completion to 100 years was with a Tiger. I usually only play with the animal one playthrough so I can unlock the next animal and then continue. I don't kill myself off as soon as I complete the unlock challenge, so I try to last as long as possible. This was the first animal I could actually get that far with my first time using the animal.

I got pretty close with the cheetah, but died around year 89 and just moved on to the Panther after that. Of course I got cornered by neanderthals in the sewer after waiting out my last 10 years down there to hit 100.

User Info: ChrisMc10140

4 years ago#3
Tiger - 102 Years

I managed to hole myself up under Yoyogi Park when the dinos showed up around Year 85 or so. I would have lasted much much longer since I had an inventory filled with Primo Pet Foods, 16 oz Waters, and Manga, and didn't use the nest yet, but somehow when I momentarily went up to the surface to check things out, I was attacked by a pterodon and that's when things went awry. Naturally, I defended myself and swiped at it, taking down a good chunk of its health, but then it flew away a short distance and got stuck above the small fence surrounding the lake in Yoyogi Park East. I then took this opportunity to return to my underground refuge to use the nest to mate, as I was nearing death by old age. But as soon as I tried to use it, I couldn't because I was apparently still at "100% Danger".

I desperately retraced my steps to see if something followed me in the caverns and kill it to lower the danger gauge back down. I then figured out that game was still thinking that the earlier pterodon was coming after me, as when I went back up to the surface, I found the same pterodon still stuck above the fencing, out of range for a jump attack (this was at Year 99). With time running out for me, I tried fleeing all the way back to the sewers to truly reset the area, then Year 100 rang out...I was immediately chased out of the sewers by a pack of Homo Erectus. Now with my Hunger gauge at 0/0, health rapidly depleting, and danger gauge finally back down to 0%, I made a mad dash back to my underground nest with my mate limping behind me after the ambush. But as soon as I jumped down to the bottom of the cavern where one of the nests was, I found myself in the middle of a huge tribe of Homo Erectus...My 22 year old tiger gave the fight of his life, before dying in a blaze of glory, taking 3 of the neanderthals with him.

Stupid pterodon...You ruined my tiger's chance for greatness...
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User Info: Gandworf

4 years ago#4
I dont remember what years they ended at but this is my list of 100+ runs

cheaper robot dog+black buck (finished all quests)
sheep (finished all quests)
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User Info: Large_Tonberry

4 years ago#5
Retriever - 102 years. No food anywhere, ran out of items, and even living undreground became near impossible. Decided to just wander into the facility and get murdered by cavemen. Seemed the best way to end it.

Rabbit - 100 years. Don't even know how I managed that in retrospect. Must have just gotten incredibly lucky. Though not so lucky as to avoid a OHKO from a dinosaur.

User Info: Kirutaru

4 years ago#6
Lycaon - Year 108

I still haven't topped this. It was my 2nd time playing Lycaon, and has since become my favorite creature. I'm trying to hit all Challenges with him 1st now, which is the last trophy I need.
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User Info: TheloganPrime

4 years ago#7
Dilophosaurus - 102 years. This was my tuxedo run too.

Before, I was mostly just completing the animal unlock challenge for each animal and letting myself die.
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User Info: SE5000

4 years ago#8
ERC-2000 - 123 years

i think i figured out how people can manage to live 999 years, well with the robot dog at least

in the southern part of yoyogi park under there is an area with 3 water sources, if you run between them with the robot dog you can always maintain your hunger, and you don't have to worry about mating

the only catch is you must get there before the cavemen spawn and do not sleep in the nest as that will refresh the area and spawn cavemen, which is what i did and it led to my demise

User Info: angry_cowtipper

4 years ago#9
Lion - 102 years. Slept to become an adult (had no idea about cavemen), found a curious brown lump sleeping a little west of the nest I could not identify. I clean killed it to find out, and was a) surprised to see proto-humans in the animal game when I read 'homo-erectus' on the lifebar and b) even more surprised when I died about two seconds later instantly being punched to death with no chance to react by said cavemen.
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User Info: SaltedCodfish

4 years ago#10
Only two have made it beyond 100 so far:

Jackal - 104 years, lots of tight scrapes and survived mainly by changing between the sewers and underground. Had a nasty surprise after year 100 and couldn't contend. I was really feeling this one because this is the first time I cleared all challenges in one go as well. Jackal is probably my favourite animal in this, it just feels right somehow.

Porcupine - 119 years. Ended up sitting in a corner in the sewer reading a couple of magazines in my tuxedo until the pack starved to death just shy of 120 years. Not a very noble end, but there were vicious enemies everywhere. Up until this point there was a lot of excitement, and I used the sacrifice move as strategically as possible to ensure I could mark and escape some really nasty scrapes. I did a facility runthrough with him too and got some good items at the end of that, so that helped. I guess I was feeling brazen until the very end, he deserved to chill in his fancy digs and read some mags at that point :P.
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