Should Platinum Games take over the DMC series?

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User Info: Wolfvie

6 years ago#11
Platinum games isn't a Sega group. Sega's just been publishing their recent games because they have a deal with them for a certain number of games. I'll launch nukes if Sega themselves ever got the rights to Devil May Cry.

Yeah supposedly Vanquish is to be the last game in Platinum's line of four game's scheduled in their rather short lived deal with Sega (the other three being Madworld, Infinite Space and Bayonetta).
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User Info: pionear

6 years ago#12
Oh, I meant sell the rights to PG, and let Sega publish it.

I really hope Sega re-ups their deal with them.

User Info: Squall28

6 years ago#13
I'd rather PG stick with Bayonetta.
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User Info: SonyOwnzSeattle

6 years ago#14
I think Kamiya is being very cordial and polite by saying he would do another DMC if Capcom and the fans asked him. Realistically, why would he go all out making a DMC sequel BETTER than his own Bayonetta?

User Info: WhiteSnakejutsu

6 years ago#15
"Too bad Kamiya doesn't want DMC anymore. It's "not his chick" anymore."

yep! was thinking the same! lol

User Info: Urahara_Kisuke

6 years ago#16
I think Platinum Games should Dragon kick Ninja Theory ass into the milky way and TAKE DMC from them.

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User Info: RaRitsujun

6 years ago#17

User Info: Divine_Light

6 years ago#18
I'd love to see them doing another DMC game, just Play Bayonetta and you will understand.
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User Info: Default64

6 years ago#19

From: RaRitsujun | Posted: 9/19/2010 11:55:10 AM | #017

Yea... Because those are definitely going to lead to somewhere. /Sarcasm (because it's text)
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  3. Should Platinum Games take over the DMC series?

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