Remember when we all hated Nero?

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  3. Remember when we all hated Nero?

User Info: Goku_Cell_Jr

7 years ago#31
I never hated Nero. I found his playstyle interesting and I'd like to see it developed further in sequels. And I would have loved to learn about how he is related to Sparda. Instead they go about doing some reboot staring Ninja Theorys lead designer as the main character.

User Info: Hidatsu

7 years ago#32
I liked Nero from the start, but there's no denying his flaws. He hardly had a character, considering the story in DMC4 just felt like it was building up for something great with him, but just never did.

But other than that. I like that he swears more than anyone in DMC, and I loved how he fought.
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User Info: ultimatedante

7 years ago#33
we didn't hate Nero but it just annoyed us that we don't know about his background or anything like introducing a character without knowing where he got his Devil Bringer.
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User Info: JaneGray

7 years ago#34
I always liked Nero too.

User Info: ninjabay

7 years ago#35
i always liked Nero.

this Dante on the other hand, i may like the game but this simply isnt dante
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User Info: Windfoxie

7 years ago#36
^ Exactly my thoughts!

If they rename this new 'Dante' to Gabriel or Abaddon or some other name I be alot more happier with this game...
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User Info: Helghastling

7 years ago#37
I HATE nero and new Dante...bring back old Dante and Vergil
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User Info: LostX87

7 years ago#38
Nero likes to juggle nutsacks in his mouth.

User Info: TehPwnzerer

7 years ago#39
Wait, we ended up liking Nero? When was this?

User Info: ManEatingBurger

7 years ago#40

What? Nero had one sword, one gun and a handful of abilities. The Devil Bringer essentially was God of War style grab commands, and that was it. Dante (especially DMC3) has so much more to offer. He only sucked in 4 because he had a few rushed, rehash levels.

DMC4 Dante was better then DMC3 Dante, and you suck at playing with Nero.
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