"DmC" suddenly changed into "Devil May Cry 5"

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User Info: snake_dante44

7 years ago#1
Ok guys, i wanna make a little story about how this game will turn out to be a true Devil May Cry 5. Here's my idea of the story;

While this drug-addict smoker kid pretend himself as Dante and acting all badass wiping out his enemies and then smoking, a few minutes later the real Dante comes out. Then Dante says to this kid "Hey kid, wth are u doing? u smoke? well, let me tell ya, smoke is bad for u and besides, smoke doesn't make look cool nor badass, but instead it makes u look like a retarded kid with no hope in life. And on top of that, i'm pissed that u used my name. So change it and use your own name or i'm gonna kick your ass right here right now, u got that kid!"

And then this kid is pissed off and start attacking Dante, but Dante evade his attacks and with the usual cocky attitude he taunts "Wohohooo.. nice try kid, but u missed!" then Dante suddenly pointed his gun to this kid's head from the back and says "Adios kid" and *BANG!* (say good bye to this kid who call himself Dante)

And after that, the screen goes black and the title "DmC" pops out. But then, the screen goes back to normal for few seconds and showing Dante walking further from the camera of the screen, stopped, and he pulled out his guns, turned around, pointed them to the camera screen and says "Let's rock!" then *BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG!* and then the screen broke into pieces like glasses (the old tradition of DMC series) and the title "Devil May Cry 5" pops out with a voice in the background calling its title name (old DMCs tradition also). So now, the real and true Dante is BACK IN THE GAME!!! :D

Well, that's my little story about this title change. What do u think? silly? not bad? good? or sucks? ^^

User Info: occupation_bob

7 years ago#2
Best. Fanfiction. Ever. Written.

Also the only one I would ever read voluntarily.
They say the new DMC is so horrible, that even a Dante May Cry.

User Info: Ivany2008

7 years ago#3
sadly it wont happen now. companies nowadays have a habit of changing things to the worse.

same thing happened with shadow hearts transitioning from 1 to 2. Yuri somehow loses his trenchcoat and semi-long hair for an full leather outfit like its out of a bad adult movie.

its a brand new world and sadly we aren't the ones ruling it


7 years ago#4
i'd pay to see that, cuz that sounds awesome! and it would really cheer me up bout this DMC reboot bull****. plus it had everything, the REAL Dante, awesome action, great dialog, and did i mention? it has THE REAL DANTE! =)

User Info: Stink_Nasty

7 years ago#5
That was a pretty awful piece of literature my friend. Though I can agree and say Old Dante would wrek New Dante's ass.

I dont think it's fair seeing as how he was abused and tortured. I see Dante more of the kind of guy to save him. So really your breaking Dante's character because Dante would never kill this kid. He would probably pity him and try to help out.

Dante is a sarcastic ass with a big heart.
PSN: mdelrio344 XBL: Stinkk Nassty34

User Info: roytecx

7 years ago#6
That was almost as god as my stuff! You have potential kid! Keep it up!
The west = as close to realistic as possible, Japan = as far away from realistic as possible
My PSN: roytecx

User Info: snake_dante44

7 years ago#7
@Stink_Nasty: Yea, i know that Dante is not that type of guy like i mentioned about. But i purposely made this idea cuz i hate this new Dante, and i want the old real Dante to comeback. So.. u know what i mean.. ^^
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