So Dante sucks because he has black hair?

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  3. So Dante sucks because he has black hair?

User Info: Burnoutfan1212

7 years ago#11
Dante having black hair f**ks up the story, he was BORN with white hair.
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User Info: Crossel777

7 years ago#12

You didn't notice his emo centric personality?

User Info: killayous

7 years ago#13
Burnoutfan, The story you know up to now is being restarted.
I'm guessing they ran out of plots to add, since, we already know what happens after Dante's business started. The only gaps they left out is how Dante survives Hell and comes back to shop to find Lucia.
Other than that, it's Trish and Lady's death we're missing, Plus the gap from DMC3 and DMC1 probably had boring jobs, because the way DMC1 started.

They should have done a reboot of the RE series too though.
The, bring back zombies/limited ammo and puzzle theme.
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User Info: Metsu_Nero

7 years ago#14
Going to repost what I said in another topic...

Ninja Theory is purposefully doing this, it's not just for the hell of it. I was thrown off by it...but then the interogation scene and him convulsing in there..and out on the battlefield threw me off. The fact that he's in a rehab center is a little crazy. It's almost like they're trying to make him forget that he's half demon...probably why his hair is black, like they're screwing with his mind..really bad. Would explained the drugged look as well.

User Info: Crossel777

7 years ago#15

HellFire-Bahamu posted...
People don't like change.
I like new Dante. He looks like what a goth half-demon should look like to me. Shoot, he burns a demon with a cigarette. Dude is ballin'.
A lot of people are mad cause they think his ****is a shot at Americans or something. Thats what a goth looks like nowadays. Goths just aren't in the limelight like they use to. Also, I'm positive his ****is more based of UK fashion than American fashion.

Your wrong, people like change, when it's NECESSERY. There was absolutely no need to change Dante's character or reboot the franchise. Make another game if they want to do that. No need to ruin a great franchise to appeal to some twilight fanboi emos.

User Info: smithkakarot

7 years ago#16
"Gothic"? Might as well have given him 1700's clothing, like Castlevania Alucard.
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User Info: NuuType

7 years ago#17
Wait, since when was Dante considered "Goth"

Hes a BOUNTY HUNTER. Not some crack head
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User Info: HellFire-Bahamu

7 years ago#18
DMC always had heavy goth overtones. You can't even ignore that. Dante's dress style was goth to some degree. The fact that his outfits are red just kind of deviated on the traditional goth style though.

User Info: HellFire-Bahamu

7 years ago#19
Also, current day goth and old school goth, which maintaining some similar themes, well, barely at all keeping any similar themes, the dark tone always remained. DMC had a mix of both old gothic style with some of the new.

User Info: Red_Stiletto

7 years ago#20
I don't know anything about it...But I'm not a fangirl...and I still think the new Dante is hot...He doesn't look like Edward "crooked nips" Cullen in the slightest.

I just hope Ninja Theory makes a good game...I'm not getting my hopes up...
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