DMC: The new Megaman

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User Info: Sol4688

6 years ago#1
Is Capcom making DMC into their new Megaman?

Think about it. Megaman is a game with MANY different series, and in some of those series, taking place in different or alternate timelines and/or universes.
There aren't a lot of games that do this, and it allows for some creative flexibility.

So here we are, with DMC. It looks strange, yes. People said the same thing when they saw Megaman Legends versus the classic Megaman. But look how those turned out! It's not going to be a canon input into the Devil May Cry games, but rather, an imaginative retelling.

With the Megaman games, they sport different stories, settings, characters, and gameplay mechanics, but at its very core lies a fun hero who still stars in a fun action romp.

I too was upset when I first saw this new Dante. But then I thought about it... and now I'm willing to keep an open mind. Is Capcom really up to a great revival here?
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User Info: HellFire-Bahamu

6 years ago#2
DMC only has 1 reboot. You can't call it the new Megaman. Megaman is just a conglomerate of attempted reboots. Calling it the new Megaman is too extreme.

User Info: Sol4688

6 years ago#3
True, true. But you see it as the direction it could go, yes?
PSN: CrimeRoyal

User Info: HellFire-Bahamu

6 years ago#4
I know what you're getting at, haha. Yeah, I understand.
Atleast you're keeping an open mind about it. We don't need anymore people raging.

User Info: Pileofconverse

6 years ago#5

I agree

User Info: digidevilwil

6 years ago#6
I don't see DMC ever reaching the level of megaman. Megaman has a much more iconic design and concept, similar to something like mario or sonic to where they can thrust him in a wide variety of completely different stories and genres. Dante definitely won't be kart racing anytime soon, so a better comparison would be to something like Zelda. Zelda has made many revisions and variations to the design, but still sticks very closely to it's roots at the same time.
Guilty Gear 2: Overture is the best game ever made.

User Info: Kitanji

6 years ago#7
Does this mean we get DMC Soccer?

User Info: SonyOwnzSeattle

6 years ago#8
The thing is to reinvent Rockman, it requires creative genius. Rockman can live on forever as long as there is a creative mind to create a new universe.

Megaman X
Megaman Legends
Megaman Battle Network
Megaman Zero
the recent DS series (I forget the name)

Constantly reinventing his persona and universe while keeping the trademark design that makes him unique.

With DmC that's very difficult.

User Info: Myznomer

6 years ago#9
But who has creative control over these various offshoots? The guy who created Megaman was at least involved for it's run up to 6, but the guy who created DMC didn't even get passed the first. Who created 3? Is that guy still around?
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