dante's new look

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User Info: Cursed_Toupee

6 years ago#1
i've pleyed and beat every devil may cry on every difficulty. i watched the anime religiously when it started airing. the Devil may cry series is my number 1 favorite video game franchise.

why are people angry with dante's character model? i for one am totally psyched about finding out why Dante's hair turns white. we'll (hopefully) get to see what was so different between Dante and Vergil to make them go down such different paths.

tthis game is a HUGE opportunity to answer all the questions we didn't even know we had, and i can only hope that it turns out well.
"You don't shoot the devil in the back...What if you miss?"
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User Info: Phantom_Opera_G

6 years ago#2
well its a aye and a naw dude, aye we'll find out all the stuff but it won't be the stuff we had before, and naw because it would be different stuff as this is a reboot and nothing to do with the first four games that came before it. Think like the Nolan Batman films, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, only the redesign of an iconic character leaves him totally unrecognisable without being properly informed of who he is.
But yea thats how it is, not really feeling it myself though as its missing all the wonderful gothic structures and architecture, like the castles and churches, from before that made up the world of DMC and instead its some dull boring modern urban city.
Anyway the wind blows..... Doesn't really matter to me....
To me...

User Info: Burnoutfan1212

6 years ago#3
Dante was born with white hair dude, shows how much of a fan you are huh? >_>
Not really trying to insult you, just pay more attention to the story.

This game takes place in an alternate universe!!!! It has NOTHING to do with the REAL DMC TIME LINE!!!
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