ITT: List the things you liked about the Trailer.

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User Info: mioshin

7 years ago#51
The putting the cigarette out in the enemies eye makes me think that he has a bit of old Dante's personality
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User Info: BerserkNinja

7 years ago#52
That there is no planned release date, that means Capcom can redeem themselves by canceling this piece of crap.

User Info: Gumbotron

7 years ago#53
<begin rant>

I've re-watched the trailer with this topic in mind, but I still can't say anything good... and I'd like to think I tried
It's no secret that everyone's first beef is with Dante's new look, or I should say Tameem's self insert look.
His hair color didn't bother me as much as the fact that he's:
1. scrawny
2. in a jacket with what ended up looking like shoulder pads
3. hair's shape reminds me of other zombies and Frankenstein

The starting chained-up shot reminds me of Yaoi/Boy's Love, which I did not enjoy. John Woo tried selling the crucifixion pose for Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 2, and I didn't buy into it then. Compare that to the slow turning back shot of bloody Dante in dmc4, or even any shot of Vergil. Tameem, as I'll call him, is a wuss.

He then goes to fight some trash mobs, in a fairly urban city with some overgrowth. The city first made me miss the castles/dungeons of medieval/victorian styles. It also led me to think that they just referenced some assets from other city like infamous, gta, or other, and slapped on some tentacles to tell us of the demonic theme. The perfectly humanoid shaped trash mobs reinforces this. They look like re-skins of some other humanoid models from some other world. Screaming "I Robot" and cyborg ninja. This is in contrast to the bulkier, less humanoid mobs of dmc.

So Tameem goes and guns down 3 trash mobs who are just standing there. No claws, no teeth, no snarling, no nothing. The music tells us that it's combat time, mute that and we have a tosser slowly gunning down 3 nobodies in a quite showy and stupid manner. Tameem process to continue beating down non-resistant trash mobs, and for the sake of this topic, I'm REALLY looking for something I like... Meanwhile, the black splotches that come out in place of blood/demon guts reminds me that he's beating oil out of those machines. So are they supposed to be robots? where are the demons?

He finally showcases his stick/chain whip, which draws the image of Ivy from Soul Calibur to mind. Leading to the unpleasant image of Tameem in a s&m leotard.... Flinging a car at more trash mobs at that point became moot. I suppose I like that they gave the sword an ability to extend range to keep with the demon bringer gameplay. However, I'm not sure about hitting enemies with that sword(whip) anymore. Dante and Nero traditionally used unbreakable lumps of steel to beat things to death. Whipping things into submission is a different past-time. The comparison is that we didn't use to *need* cars to launch a trash mob.... our swords were good enough by themselves.

He stands and poses like he's cool, but his scrawny figure and shoulder pads screams otherwise. Next we get a shot of him taking a smoke. Is he posing for a playgirl centerfold now? Smoking is cool?

</end rant>

tl/dr, absolutely nothing, but I tried fairly hard
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