Boy Oh Boy I've Seen The Trailer and Now I hate It

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User Info: Tyragor

7 years ago#1
After seeing that trailer I know exactly what this game is going to be, a turd. Because I saw the trailer and it had footage of a character not moving around super fast. Boy oh boy, that cinematic showed me everything about the gameplay, there won't be any bosses, or multiple weapons, just two. I hate that, this is so lame, that one single trailer lacking any sort of gameplay footage showed me everything because after one trailer I can instantly tell what the game is like.
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User Info: Eurashal

7 years ago#2
Join the club, we've got jackets.

*Note: I'm not instantly shutting this game down, waiting for gameplay first*
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User Info: Epistemology25

7 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: shadower11223

7 years ago#4
Man... i can literally feel the sarcasm flowing out of those words, but since 98% of the DMC fanbase wants Capcom/Ninja Theory to die... I must ask.

Are you serious?
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User Info: Moranite

7 years ago#5
Sarcasm barely ever comes across well on the net, but it's great here. I LOLed.
Thank you, Hiromu Arakawa for Full Metal Alchemist. Never again will the world be offered a manga as great as this...

User Info: Tyragor

7 years ago#6
ITT:Sarcasm. Yes.
Shoes. Natures bounty!

User Info: Xaldin0011

7 years ago#7
Okay when things like "Boy oh boy" is in a post, its usually always sarcastic. I'd have assumed that was as obvious as a giant red billboard that said "FREE VASECTOMY, NEXT RIGHT!".
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  3. Boy Oh Boy I've Seen The Trailer and Now I hate It

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