i LoL'd HARD when he said "deeper gameplay"

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  3. i LoL'd HARD when he said "deeper gameplay"

User Info: ConHuevos

7 years ago#11
$10 says "deeper gameplay" will mean an even simpler system than DMC4 since most developers are straying away from complex and fun (like dmc3) and dumbing **** down for casuals

so ya

guaranteed to be a dumbed down gameplay experience

User Info: EzraGenesis

7 years ago#12
Lol @ Hulk Edition
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User Info: DevilD2005

7 years ago#13
yay, someone agrees with me!^

User Info: RHS_1

7 years ago#14
LMAO @ Hulk Edition.
blessthefall FTW.
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User Info: NinjaDBL

7 years ago#15

I 100% agree with chinesausage post. Finished GOW 3 once, and that was it.

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  2. DmC: Devil May Cry
  3. i LoL'd HARD when he said "deeper gameplay"

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