Wrong way Capcom?

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User Info: ghostnashadow08

6 years ago#1
A change as DRASTIC as a "reboot" is expected to be welcomed with a certain amount of backlash and rightfully so. The series has never truly had any forward progression. The DMC timeline (3,1,4,2) is all over the place. I understand that DMC2 was so horrid that the thought of having to continue the series with it's storyline was damn near impossible, but why keep venturing backwards w/ Dante? I would've considered DMC3 a "reboot" for the series but Nero's dominance of DMC4 made Dante seem as if he were an afterthought to the continuation of the series. At this rate DMC6 will feature a pre-pubescent Dante fighting back tears laced with misplaced hatred for his father as he sits in the stall of a junior high bathroom questioning his sexuality. If you're going to go backwards or reboot the series why not start with the original demon slayer, SPARDA? I know, it's not Dante but neither is the guy in the new trailer.

User Info: EzraGenesis

6 years ago#2
I want a Sparda game too, but I doubt the DMC series will live to see DMC6.
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User Info: DevilD2005

6 years ago#3
I think a reboot is an interesting choice because in a way, it felt like they were trying to milk a dry cow. I do not mean that as an insult, but DMC3 complimented DMC1, and DMC 4 could not, in my opinion, get the job done with its own story or merrit. Infact story line was never really a major factor in what made DMC memorable, but add 3, 1, and 2, and I don't see how you can move forward. So what do you do in this situation? If you want to make a game that focuses on the story and on the character, then WHY NOT do a reboot and get new roots? We know DMC Dante, but there was never much story or character development, but we know him. But we don't know DmC Dante. Unlike a DMC 5, which would have to be a continuation on Nero or DMC Dante, DmC Dante has infinite potential. He is new, he is a baby, his future, past and present iis undetermined. He has a legacy to live up to, thats the hard part but if done right, something wonderful can happen that can suprise even us, the gamers. Look at franchises that go on past the trilogy. Star Trek, Batman, Superman, Star Wars.... Their potential dries out with each addition because they have to add or change. Look at the first star trek movie, then look at the latter ones.Then look at the JJ Abrahams remake. Empire strikes back was great because it added to the universe, Return of the jedi could not help but bring a natural end to Empire, and the new trilogy had a defined canon ending it need to get to. The batman sequals were bad because A. bad director, but B, because they were being shoveled out with them saying "who is the next villian." "How can we stretch this out."

Enter Nolan who redid the entire thing with Batman Begins. I am just saying that sometimes things have to end, change course, start over, or die. DMC's future after 3 is bleak. So why not create a DmC?
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