I hate DMC

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User Info: Sanger_Z

7 years ago#11
You're not alone, the majority of DMC fans won't either.

Let's hope after DmC is done with, we can get a real game again in the series.
"Ware wa Zengar Zonboruto, Aku wo tatsu tsurugi nari!"

User Info: NinjamanXXXX

7 years ago#12
I know how bull this game is i don't have the right to say that game reek of crap :l looks like a tomboy that looks like a flat chested girl
Level doesn't matter it depends on Skill

User Info: volX

7 years ago#13
ugly flat girl u mean

User Info: Ishagu

7 years ago#14
I hope this is a one off.

Bring back the real Dante

"Hold my hand, as we watch the world die." - Eva R

User Info: Pasky13

7 years ago#15
I think, therefore I am not Barry Burton.

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