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User Info: sfvfkof

7 years ago#31

trailer would have been fine if it was for an original game... not DMC. Torture, odd gunplay, unrefined sword/whip/staff moves that can throw cars. If the trailer is indicative of what they want the game to play like then i'm not impressed.

And the interviews are a mess. One guy stating DMC is about the music? Another saying it's not a reboot only to have the japanese rep call it a reboot. Then we get the comment about making it less over the top (which is a feeling the trailer gave me) and yeah not impressed with the interviews either.

User Info: _Uwye_

7 years ago#32
D. The trailer gives me the feeling of a "design by commitee", the short action scenes -if they are representative of what will be the actual gameplay- aren't promising at all and both Capcom and NT made a mess with their statements. Not impressed.

User Info: TheOriginalMax

7 years ago#33
D but waiting for more info and willing to give it a chance. So far though, I'm not impressed and I'm offended by what Crapcom did.
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User Info: Strelok

7 years ago#34
What Max said. I am HOPING that somehow it'll be a good game, but what I saw so far from the trailer what they did with Dante and Tameem being the worst PR for a game since Fasas Shadowrun 360 I'm not really holding high hopes.
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