I'm surprised no one talked about this interview...

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  3. I'm surprised no one talked about this interview...

User Info: Liquid_Acid

6 years ago#1

I mean really? Alex Jones, that goofy looking idiot, that WORKS FOR CAPCOM, doesn't even know when Devil May Cry 1 came out? Hell, he doesn't even know that the PS2 wasn't out in 1998? Are you serious? The goofball Tameem doesn't even know either...

Fashion, cultural statement...movies....bringing them all together.....what the hell are they talking about? Fashion? So wearing skin tight blouses and sitting with your legs cross, is cool?

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User Info: neloangelo6661

6 years ago#2
Eh. I don't care what they may think but old Dante is definitely still relevant. There was absolutely nothing about his look that was outdated. In fact it was what I considered a unique and one of a kind look. It's not like his style was from the 80's or something it was his own unique style. What was cool back then isn't cool now? Sorry but when I look at every single incarnation of Dante and then look at NT's design, I still feel perfectly confident in saying they were all way cooler than this new design.

His hair has been white all his life but I really don't care that much. It was however another part of his unique look that just isn't the same black. At least if his hair was actually styled and not just a mess I wouldn't be so bothered by it.

I'm not sure if the DMC's were inspired by movies or music. I never got that feeling from them. They felt unique to me. There was nothing at all that made me think of a movie so I don't know what led Tameem to think so. I don't look for movie references in a DMC game so I won't care about what NT wants to reference.

Of course when asked about the ridiculous accusations he had to mention the hair. Not even the fact that they changed Dante as a character and the fanbase is immediately aware of them from the trailer. Like how he now smokes even though he never has and was a main component of Kimaya's original design.

There is also their contradicting thought process that doesn't make much sense. They are saying that Dante is outdated. That he needs to be modernized yet they are trying to tell his origin story in which he becomes the Dante we know. You can't modernize the character and then go back to the old style which you considered outdated. You would have to maintain the changes you made which would not make him the same Dante. Technically if he was outdated and your telling an origin story then the design should be even more outdated as it takes place in the past. Doesn't make any sense.

I really don't feel like these guys understand what DMC really is and it's why I am fearful for this game. When you can't trust the people involved in the development process, it's not a good thing.

At least they're working closely with people who worked on the series to make sure they get the gameplay right as NT's track record for gameplay has been far less than spectacular which is the opposite of DMC's.
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User Info: Liquid_Acid

6 years ago#3
^ agreed....I don't know what the hell those goof balls are talking about....

DMC1 took elements and inspirations from movies around the late 90's? Fashion, music, and fashion.....and it was all about being cool?

Have they even played the game before?
Sony should make a Blu-Ray less PS3. (4 min later) PS3 games are on Blu Ray disks? Wow, this explains everything. - videogamer1030

User Info: RoxasANobody

6 years ago#4
DMC 1 is about saving the world from extinction.

...if that's cool then every hero/heroine/super hero is trying to be cool.
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User Info: m_mungmung

6 years ago#5
Whenever I watch those interviews or whatever, I try my best to hype myself up for the game. But it's really hard when I barely recognize the series.
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User Info: ripshirt

6 years ago#6
umm. . . there is a of stuff you can do in dmc games that you see done in the cutscenes.

User Info: eternusterminus

6 years ago#7
Yeah, in DMC4, most of the cutscene actions were able to be performed...
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User Info: lokostilll

6 years ago#8
My one lil worry is vanquished.. "The main thing is the feel of the combat and that DNA we want to keep". I'm happy.

User Info: lowhighkang

6 years ago#9
Calling Alex Jones a goofy little idiot is not needed. What the hell is wrong with you people?

User Info: lowhighkang

6 years ago#10
Also, they could have been referring to when DMC was in prime production. Which would be in 1998. Aka 12 years ago.
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  3. I'm surprised no one talked about this interview...

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