Was the backlash towards Nero responsible for this new direction?

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  3. Was the backlash towards Nero responsible for this new direction?

User Info: Mazryonh

6 years ago#1
I was hoping that we would get to know more about Nero's origins and history in DMC5, but now the Capcom execs wanted this instead? Was the backlash towards Nero that great that Capcom felt burned and decided to make what is in effect DMC 0?
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User Info: No_one_special

6 years ago#2
I guess...

The thing is, even DMC4's harshest critics didn't say that the series was dead and needed a reboot or yet another prequel...
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User Info: myghostisdead

6 years ago#3
I don't think so really. I think it was just the wanting to westernization and they picked DMC to go that way because it was ready for another installment.
While I did not like playing as Nero I did not dislike Nero. I wanted more Dante.

User Info: EzraGenesis

6 years ago#4
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User Info: CornerCheck

6 years ago#5
Definitely not! I didn't like Nero either, but I have to admit DMC4 sold the most units so they were clearly going in the right direction. It's because of Capcom's overwhelming greed!

User Info: Clear_Calamity

6 years ago#6
The Devil May Cry 4 Board, I was browsing the PS3 version the other day. Nero's involvement in the storyline and how he handled in the game-play seemed to cause a split among the fan-base, but that is just a sample out of millions of copies sold.
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User Info: No_one_special

6 years ago#7
Personally, I enjoyed Nero. I found his character rather cookie-cutter, yes, but I still enjoyed his part of the storyline. Mainly, Johnny Young Bosch's performance kinda helped me like the character.

I also enjoyed his gameplay style, which provided a good and fun contrast to Dante's more nuanced playstyle. Nero's playstyle is rather easy to master once you learn how to properly use Charge Shots, EX abilities and make proper use of his Busters and Devil Trigger.

Dante's style requires a lot more precise use of the thumbsticks and styles in order to utilize effectively, especially when it comes to using both his crowd control abilities as well as his personal combat abilities in tandem. I will admit, I've yet to fully master Dante in DMC4...
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User Info: Yuji Kaido

Yuji Kaido
6 years ago#8
Nero has the Devil Arm and that sweet purple trenchcoat. No way.
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User Info: Malus_X6

6 years ago#9
Doubt it. If it was the case, they'd have made a game dealing with that.
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User Info: Endless_Night

6 years ago#10
If you asked me, I think the introduction of Nero and the release of Bayonetta has something to do with this.

I think the Capcom has trouble writing a story for Nero and his connection with Vergil. And his DB as well. Although they can go creative with his story, it most likely wouldn't make much sense.

Next is Bayonetta. From what I can tell, the next DMC done by Capcom would definitely be compared to Bayonetta because they are of the same genre and creator but DMC is definitely a few steps behind because they have yet to make groundbreaking advancement with DMC ever since the first game. If anything, I would say the sequels are actually lacking in terms of environment, character depth and interaction.

This is where NT comes in. They will write a definitive story for DMC and as a reboot/prequel(?), they can experiment with a lot of different styles in terms of gameplay and story. However, if the game fails, NT will most probably gonna get flamed by fans a lot worse than Capcom, like what's happening now.

It hard to say but maybe Capcom is being smart and using NT as a scapegoat in case this game fails. But in the end, the game is still under the name of Capcom and any loss would be theirs'.
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  3. Was the backlash towards Nero responsible for this new direction?

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