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User Info: s0faking545

6 years ago#1
goodbye 2010 you sucked
That noobish guy

User Info: Malus_X6

6 years ago#2
Yeah, no lie.
"Oh yeah? I HAVE lived a little. And you know what? IT FREAKIN' SUCKED!!" -Me, to my friend when getting me to do something stupid.
PSN: LordMalus

User Info: necrondude

6 years ago#3
-___________________________- You must have a sucky life.

User Info: MyMentorSnake

6 years ago#4
This board is so dead at the moment, I would be content if we was to get some type of news. A concept art or poster, something!
Now... we can fight as warriors... hand to hand... it is the basis of all combat. Only a fool trusts his life to a weapon.

User Info: lokostilll

6 years ago#5
Happy new year! Goodbye 2010, bring on 2012!

User Info: Bolvern

6 years ago#6
May this year be a good one to us all!
I am the demon lord of chaos!
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